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So you had a great summer, maybe went on vacation or found a summer job, or maybe just hung out with friends. In any case with the amount of drugs and alcohol being distributed in our current society there is a good chance you were approached to try a little “fun-time stuff”. If you did you probably enjoyed the change in feeling, the warped perception or how easy it was to be accepted in the group or possibly you got plastered. And as it goes with any drug, the next couple of days go by and the feeling has left you, and you’re not as energetic or you’re feeling a bit down. So you get some more, than some more and more and more.


Now summer is ended and its time to buckle down and get serious about your senior year of studies or start college, but the down feeling keeps coming back. In the field of addiction this is called “withdrawal symptoms”. This is a sign you have become addicted. You may say to yourself, “I can beat this, I’ll just quit”, but that’s not working out so well. So your only option is to hide this addiction from your fellow students and parents and teachers and eventually, yourself. But truth be told, it won’t get any easier, in fact there is a very good chance you wont make through the first school session, and it by luck you do it will be with pretty poor grades and its down hill from there.


If this sounds like your situation or someone you care about has fallen to drugs or alcohol this summer; do them or you a favor and call for help. Don’t wait until you lost a whole year of school, something can be done today and you can get back on track fast and really be ready for school. Call a counselor today, dial this number for immediate assistance: 1 877-909-3636

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