Marijuana is known by several different names: cannabis, Mary Jane, weed, and pot. Socially and politically there is much debate over the addictive qualities and health benefits of using Marijuana. As with any drug, addiction is possible. If you or someone you know is struggling with possible addiction to marijuana, consider admission to a private drug rehab center.

Using marijuana is primarily consumed in its dried herbal form. A few of the signs and symptoms include; smell on the individual or on clothes, bloodshot eyes, more than normal sleepiness, and lethargy

There are several different methods to consume marijuana and the effects and harm of each method within the body differ. The most harmful methods of consumption occur with inhalation or smoking marijuana.

The purpose of a marijuana rehab is to educate and detox the patient. Education is an important part of staying clean of the drug once released from the marijuana rehab facilities.


As with other drugs, once the addiction is present, the body becomes accustomed to the effects and begins craving more. When the patient enters a marijuana rehab facility, the staff are trained to help the patient through the first few difficult days as the body is denied the drug and the physical healing process begins.

Along with the trained staff and new dietary routines, the next important piece of recovery is education. Also, peer support goes a long way to continued success outside of the rehab. The patient will also receive guidance from one-on-one counseling which will help to identify reasons for the addiction and the strengths of the patient.

Marijuana rehab is not complete by treating only the patient. Addiction affects family and others within the patient’s social circle. The patient will receive support as they begin talking and working with family and friends on their way to recovery. Often times there may be legal consequences that require completion.

If you are a parent and suspect marijuana use, a few items that you may find in his/her room or pockets are, rolling papers for cigarettes, homemade smoking devices, bongs, and pipes. If your loved one is typically very active and you begin to notice decreased motivation it is time to take a closer look at possible marijuana use and/or addiction.