You think you have been defeated.  You tried to stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol on your own but you could not do it.  You think there is no use in even trying anymore. You are at the point of giving up.  Drug rehab, why bother?



Because you are worth it.

Stop right there.  You are already shrugging me off.  You are already shaking your head and saying I have no clue what I am talking about.  Wrong.  Why drug rehab? Because of that infant sleeping in the nursery.  Because of those children watching yet another night of television while you are consumed in alcohol or drug addiction.  Because of your mother who prayed every day while you were in Iraq.  Because your little brother and your little sister look up to you.  The why of drug rehab has many faces beginning with your own.



You were not always like this.

You had dreams and goals.  You wanted to be a writer, a teacher, a film director, a doctor, a nurse.  You wanted to be a good mother or a good father.  You wanted to make your parents proud.  Why drug rehab? For that same person inside of you who practised the guitar or the piano, who participated in Reserve Officers Training Corps in high school dreaming of becoming a Marine, who planned a life with a college degree and a career.



Stop making excuses.

The only reason you are still reading this article is the most important reason of all.  Because you matter.  Because you care even though you are sitting there saying you don’t.  Why drug rehab? Because behind that defeated face you see in the mirror is a person who had a dream, who had goals, and who has an incredible second chance.



What second chance?   Drug rehab, why? … Yeah right!


See?  You said that just now to yourself, didn’t you?  How do we know?  Because we know a lot of people who were like you just a few short years ago.  Why drug rehab? Because we are that child with a dream who now writes for a living.  Because we are that soldier who had a mother praying for him every day he was over there.  Because we are the father or mother loved by their children in spite of their faults and we love them enough to change for them.  So do you.


You are feeling it now, aren’t you?  That little glimmer deep inside.  Recognize it for what it is: hope!  Reach out, fill in the form.  Call the number.  Take action.  Why drug rehab?  Because today is the first day of the rest of your life and there are a lot more good memories to make with your loved ones.



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