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Why Should I Go to a Rehab Centre

Why Bother with Rehab?

You feel defeated.  You tried to stop drugs or alcohol on your own, but you didn’t have success!  Or you went through a drug rehabilitation program and relapsed not long afterwards? You think there is no use in even trying anymore. Or maybe you feel like a failure, a total loser, and you are at the point of giving up.  

When it comes to drug addiction, many people feel beaten. Some will do many drug and alcohol treatment programs just to be back using again. Others might feel ashamed because they got caught in the whirlwind of drug dependency. It wasn’t their plan. Who really wants to be addicted to drugs?

Whatever the circumstances are, some individuals feel lost, unworthy, and “unhelpable.” This is far from the truth! Going to the right treatment program, one can soar to new heights. There is hope!


Reason 1: Because you are worth it

Don’t shrug it off.  Don’t shake your head and think I have no clue what I am talking about right now. Your master plan wasn’t to get addicted in the first place, right? Disappointment is the one thing common to anybody who falls into addiction. Recovery is a b***! But it is possible.

When people are indifferent, they don’t get angry with you. You might have people mad at you, but that’s only because they care and love you. Your mother, father, sister, and brother all care. These are a few of the reasons why you should consider rehab. Your children, your friends (those that don’t use, you know, your real friends!) are other reasons. And yet again, your self-respect, your life, and the people YOU LOVE are all important! I am not trying to make you feel guilty; I’m sure you do a good job of that on your own.

You cannot see it now, but you are a worthy individual. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol blind you to this fact! Younger, you couldn’t wait to get your day started. Maybe you had plans, aspirations. Sobriety is possible.


Reason 2: Life wasn’t always like this.

You most likely wanted something out of life. Maybe you wanted to make your parents proud. You liked your music, or dancing, or going for a hike in the forest, or you wanted to be a success. So, why would you go to rehab? For that person, that person that enjoyed life, you! Life sometimes throws us a curveball. Something happens we didn’t expect, making us feel belittled or unworthy, and it sinks us down several notches. We all experienced this, but at times the crushing effect is devastating. But there is hope, yes there is!

Reason 3: You Love and are Loved 

You matter. You are sitting there saying you don’t. But behind that defeated face you see in the mirror is a person who has dreams, has goals, and has an incredible second chance.

Yeah right!

You said that just now to yourself, didn’t you?  How do we know?  Because we know a lot of people who were like you just a few short years ago.  Why drug rehab? Because we are that child with a dream, who got out of drugs and now writes for a living.  Because we were that person to whom life threw a curveball at and still managed to get out of dependency. We have mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers that were angry at us and unwilling to give us the time of day until we got clean. We had friends dropping us when we started misusing and came back happy to see us when we stopped. Because others love us despite our faults, and WE LOVE THEM enough to make a change.  So do you.

These are all good reasons to go to rehab

Do you feel it now?  That little glimmer deep inside you.  Is that hope! 

Reach out, call us, request a callback, take action.  Why go to rehab?  Because today can be the first day of the rest of your life, and there are a lot more good memories to make with your loved ones.

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