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Government and Addiction

Our Government and Addiction Solutions

It’s a well-known fact that drugs and alcohol abuse are a daily occurrence in our present society. There exists a wealth of information on the internet and in documents across Canada, stating the terrible conditions that surround anyone struggling with some form of drug addiction. In 2015, the Honourable Rona Ambrose, who was Minister of Health Canada, stated that we would see video Ads specifically targeting prescription drug abuse across the nation. With over $130 million dollars invested each year for tangible solutions for the treatment, education, research and sensitization campaigns on drug addiction; we should expect to see some results in the consumption of illicit and prescription drug abuse.

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Pills on the Black Market

According to some reports the situation appears to be gaining control and is bettering, yet in another government report, we read how things are getting worse. The question one should ask is, is the taxpayer’s money is well invested or is it all just a way to hide the fact that the level of pharmaceutical drugs being produce is way above the required need, and what about the extra pills? Are they just sold to the black market?

Really if anyone ever had to deal with the withdrawals of some prescription drug you can be certain it’s unpleasant, to say the least. Most drug rehabs will not take the person unless they have successfully passed through a medical detox program. And for good reason; some of these prescription drugs can cause heart attacks, seizures, psychosis, severe muscles and nerve pain even damage, just to name a few.

What, more drugs?

The real issue that should be addressed is to work out ways to have more government-funded medical detox facilities and actually wean addicts off all drugs and prescription meds, with the exception of those meds for a person that has been specifically prescribed for a real physical diagnosed condition. But to take someone off Fentanyl by putting them on Suboxone or some other drug without proper wean down from that drug also is just not wanting to help people. Why not help a family member who wishes to come off of Methadone, but instead being told; “No, you have to stay on the methadone program”, why? Because of the over 50,000 clients on the program at $7 to $15 a daily dose!

Private versus Funded

The thing that Canadians must see is that drug addiction can be overcome. But the system needs to be put into perspective; for instance, how is it that private programs can get decent results way above the national average success? What is it they do that makes their program work?

In many instances, they do not replace one drug for another. When a family pays to have their loved one off all drugs, the facility will usually do a medical or regular detox followed by a good drug rehab program; including nutritional therapy, cognitive therapy, one on one counselling, social acceptance therapy and many other approaches that are normally not found in the government-funded programs. In fact, it all comes down to the intention that is put forth; really help the addicts or just have them cope better.

Independent Consultation

In any case, whether you want a government drug rehab or private addiction treatment facility it may be best to consult a drug addiction referral counsellor. This person is knowledgeable as to treatment programs and will be able to help you understand the differences between the funded and the private drug rehab centers. Drug and alcohol addiction can be a thing of the past but you need to act for something to happen; call 1888-488-8434 to find help.

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