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Help for Substance Abuse for Professionals

By definition, when speaking of a professional, we refer to someone who has studied rigorously to gain “know-how” that is carefully applied. People falling in this category include; Dentists, Nurses, Physicians, Pilots, Firefighters, police officers, and CEOs. This would encompass trades and positions that deal with the daily affairs of humanity in a very skilled manner.

One may not think a professional can find themselves abusing alcohol, cocaine, pot, amphetamines, or even prescription medications, but this is more common than one would suspect. There have been reports of increased evidence of a strong impact on the nursing profession worldwide since the pandemic. 

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The appeal of mind-altering substances

When working in high-attention concentration-type environments, such as those professions mentioned, the focus is such that it can be stressful for the person administering those services. When this stress accumulates, the person will seek some form of relief. The most common form of relief is alcohol, followed by certain opiates and even barbiturates.

When taken for non-medical reasons, the chemical components in such substances cause a numbing sensation.  

Oxycodone has been abused by healthcare professionals for many years until exposed. Now other opiates are being abused to numb unwanted feelings from work-related stress. For example, a doctor losing a patient, first responders to a crime scene, or some form of accident, etc. Police who must arrest people for breaking the law and see daily human pain and suffering may require some relief.

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Coping skills and facts

Though the training of professionals allows them to deal with one incident and bring good results, the accumulating negative effect isn’t in any training manual. Though work-related counsellors are available, few workers will take advantage of the service. 

There is an existing problem most professionals are faced with when attempting to handle their addiction. The main one is how to admit it without losing everything. Another is their reputation can be tarnished, and careers can be jeopardized with no hope of advancement. Professionals require a high degree of discreetness in dealing with any form of substance misuse. Not all professions will have a safe Human Resources department to help.

Options for real care and results

For any professional in whatever field of human activity, the best approach is to research private rehab treatments. Across Canada, there are many private facilities. However, you want one that is right for you or someone close.

You will find confidentiality, discreetness, care, and personalized service with private rehabs. Acting now is the best way to handle it before you lose your career, family, co-workers, and yourself. Getting results is done with the correct facility, program schedule, and individual counselling addressed to your issues.