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Drug Rehab for Professionals

Help for Substance Abuse

When we speak of a professional, we mean a person with advanced education or training. We also refer to a profession that would involve a high level of trust and the responsibility of others. Or people in similar work positions that require skillful management of stressful affairs.

Usually, people in this category have stress-filled work or long and sometimes unusual or varying hours. It would include; dentists, nurses, physicians, pilots, firefighters, police officers, and CEOs. It may not appear that a person in this sector of society would need a drug rehab for professionals. But like the general population, 10 to 15% of healthcare and other licensed professionals will lose control during or after their career.

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Professionals Seeking Relief

Working in a high-pressure environment or a high responsibility occupation for long hours may wear a person down. When the stress accumulates over time, one may look for relief. Others use substances to enhance performance or self-treatment for various reasons, including anxiety, pain, or depression.

A doctor or a nurse with long hours of work caring for others might seek relaxation and find it best with substance. Just as a police officer coping with dangerous situations or a businessperson dealing in transactions that may change the life of others.

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Training Skills & Substance Misuse

Training gives a person the ability to deal with incidents to bring good results. But dealing with the accumulation of the effects is not part of the training, and one must cope. Admitting one’s substance problem is difficult, especially when it might jeopardize everything the person has worked for through the years. Also, it might bring about doubt in colleagues, co-workers, and the public.

We, as a society, look up to these career people. We look for guidance, safety, or advice from them. We tend to put them on a pedestal and expect them to act a certain way because of their education, training, or status. A circumstance that only adds to their problem. Unfortunately, their reputation suffers, and their career can be postponed and be on hold before any advancement is possible.

Recovery & Drug Rehab for Professionals

So the professional requires a high degree of discretion and some anonymity. Not all professionals have access to a Human Resource department ready to help with their situation without repercussions. When a professional finds themself between a rock and a hard place concerning their substance misuse, there are alternate solutions. A private substance abuse treatment center for professionals is one suggested solution.

Drug Rehab for Professionals Referrals

There are many private drug rehab centers for professionals in Canada but finding the right one is where an experience drug addiction treatment referral counsellor can help. A good referral counsellor will have many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation. He will have knowledge of the private treatment centers available across the country and their program methodology.

The counsellor will be able to determine which program is best suited to your situation and needs. Waiting for things to get better usually ends up getting worst; it is the nature of abuse. Acting now is the best way before you lose your career, family, co-workers, and yourself. If you are a professional and find yourself in a tight spot struggling with some form of abuse to mind-altering substances, call our experienced referral counsellor for advice on a drug rehab for professionals.

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