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Know Before You Go

We receive calls throughout the year from people seeking to help another who is struggling with addiction. Drugs and alcohol are quite common in our present society, but this is not the article’s purpose. This text intends to assist someone who wishes to detox on their own.

You should understand from the start that the information below is advice and not a professional or medical diagnosis. The website owners cannot be held responsible for any misgivings or personal well-being from using this information. A person uses these steps at one’s own risk or benefit.

We strongly advise that long-term benzo users and heavy alcohol drinkers consult a professional before taking any of these steps. Anyone on prescription medication should consult their physician first. A sudden stop of some mind-altering substances can have severe medical consequences.

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Detoxing at home

Detoxing at Home

There are many reasons why a person would want to detox at home. Waiting for a bed is not an option for many. This article may be of help to you. The first thing to know about drugs and alcohol is that these substances are poisons. The body does not naturally produce these. But when these drugs enter the body, its first reaction is to fight the foreign substance. And when one stops, the body accustomed to it will also react.

Home Detox – Steps to Take

Any well-determined person who wishes to help another out of a bad situation can do the following actions. These steps can bring them back to health.

  1. As feasible, get the person away from the area of substance abuse.
  2.   Begin with a nutritional intake period. It is an immediate intake of vitamins and minerals to rebuild the body’s natural structure.

About Supplements


Get the best and highest dosage of multivitamins you can find from a health food store. You can double the dosage for the first three days at least. It always depends on the substance abuse level. For example, if the dosage says two per day, you can take four, that is one every 6 hours. You can up the ante to 2 every 8 hours. What the body doesn’t use will simply release through urine. Take these on a full stomach or use yogurt to coat the stomach.

Multi minerals

Include a multi-mineral at least once a day. Taking extra calcium and magnesium ensures that muscles do not spasm and nerves are not twitching. It will also prevent bone from aching. Some Health food stores sell the two minerals in powder form but are admittedly hard to find. Other products are readily available; one is Calmax containing both minerals in powder form you add water. The other product is called Calmag and comes in bottles in liquid form.

What to Include in Home Detox

Epsom salt baths to help ease the effects of withdrawal. The bath will help calm, relax the muscles, and relieve stiff joints or spasms. Just have them take a bath with Epsom salt in it per instructions.

Avoid long-drawn-out conversations requiring the person to think or wonder about their situation. This action comes much later when withdrawal doesn’t affect the body, and the person feels better physically and mentally.

Have the person’s attention go outward. If possible, take the person for many short walks and put their attention on objects in the environment. Have them look at things far and near them. Getting the person’s attention off their situation and outward toward the world around them alleviates symptoms. It is a step that needs to be done regularly throughout the day.

You can do this in an apartment if you cannot go for walks. Indoors you can tell the person to look at different objects in the room until they show signs of feeling a bit better

It is worth repeating that all the actions above are done constantly every day. And it should be done at least for the first 4 to 5 days. The length of this step depends on the drug of choice. The result should be that the person feels better with no withdrawal symptoms.

Again, the key point is to keep working with the person. The first days will be hard, but the person will gain more physical betterment each hour that goes by. You will also observe a better emotional state. Remember, you are basically stopping the person from poisoning their system and rebuilding the body’s natural defence.

Emotional and Physical State

The person is likely in a pretty bad physical condition and an emotional mess. Crying, despair, even hopelessness are normal. Expect the person to go through different emotional states. You may face grief, fear, hostility, hate, and anger as you progress. Keep doing it until you achieve a calm, interested, and pleased state of mind. This change happens over many days, and emotions fluctuate from one to the next, but persist and don’t give up.

The End Result

When the body gets rid of most of the poison, the person will feel “more alive” and somewhat healthier. But by no means is this the end. And that does not mean that all will be great from here on out. At this point, the addicted person needs to seek help to continue their recovery. We suggest either an addiction counsellor, an inpatient rehabilitation program, or similar resources.

Because the person is off drugs or alcohol does not guarantee they won’t relapse. Most relapses occur because the person didn’t get to the root of the problem.

I hope this article was helpful. If you used this and were successful, please let us know about it. Also, you can always call us for assistance with questions and tips. HELP is what we do. Have an adventurous and drug-free life.