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You have finally realized you have a problem and need help. Unfortunately, you say to yourself, you are the person your family depends on. Maybe you are a single mother. Maybe you are the only breadwinner in the family. Maybe your parent lives with you and can not be left unattended at night. All three of these scenarios have one thing in common. In order to get help, you need outpatient drug rehab as there is no way you can go into a residential program. So your question is this: does outpatient drug rehab work? The answer is yes.

Outpatient drug rehab is another choice for people who can not check into a residential rehab center. Responsibilities should not keep a person from getting the help he or she deserves. If a person is truly motivated, outpatient drug rehab can be just as successful.

What does outpatient drug rehab entail?

Instead of being in the facility around the clock, a person goes to meetings, therapy and meets with a support group. The classes teach the same thing in outpatient drug rehab that it does in a residential facility, which is what tools are needed to avoid a relapse and understanding how and why addiction happened to begin with. A person meets with a therapist in order to come to terms with the story behind the addiction and how to avoid the triggers that could cause a relapse. The support group meetings are like bonding with a comrade in arms, giving the former addict the strength to fight off temptation and deal with the stresses that can lead to a relapse.

outpatient drug rehab

While inpatient rehab is often seen as preferable, it is not a lost cause if a person chooses out of preference or necessity to go with outpatient drug rehab. Diligence is applied just as much, sometimes even more so, as a person has a limited amount of time in class settings and therapy to get the tools needed for recovery. Still, it is taken just as seriously by the medical and counseling professionals because the end goal is the same: long term drug or alcohol abstinence.

Outpatient drug rehab is regulated and treated with the deference of a 12 step program, making sure that support groups are available at different times throughout the day and evening hours to accommodate a person’s schedule so he or she can have the care and support needed while maintaining a job and family life.

Do not shrug off outpatient drug rehab. Just because you can not take the time for a residential program does not mean you are a lost cause. Outpatient drug rehab shows you that you are just as worthy of getting help. Reach for that help today.


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