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Available help in locating and admission to a private alcohol or drug rehab center for Nova Scotia, call and speak with one of our  counselors. 


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Halifax Nova Scotia

Halifax Nova Scotia

For immediate help in locating a private drug rehab or drug addiction treatment program servicing Nova Scotia call 1-888-488-8434 to speak with one of our experienced drug rehab referral counselors. He or she will answer all your questions and propose the right drug rehab center and suitable drug addiction treatment program for your situation. There is no fee or obligation and your call is confidential. Call 1-888-488-8434 now and find out what drug rehab center is available and which options are best for you.

Despite Nova Scotia’s beautiful landscape it also holds a hidden and somewhat neglected area; illicit drug addiction, prescription drug abuse and continuous alcohol abuse. Over the past decades the problem of drug addiction in Nova Scotia has not gone away. It is still a problem, though less prominent than some other Canadian cities, nonetheless it is a problem and does affect every citizen. Halifax is after all a port city and drug trade is often done by means of shipping lanes.

Nova Scotia offers funded drug rehab centers and a person can go and get their assessment for qualification to be entered on the program. But as like most Canadian cities the funded addiction clinics will have a waiting list for a bed to become available. It is important to know there are other options, one of which is the private sector, it is not true that all private rehabs are very expensive. There are many affordable addiction treatments and many also offer financial aid. It is the way to do it to get fast and effective help for drug or alcohol addiction.

Drug Addiction in Nova Scotia


Health care system

Recent observation has brought to our attention that many drug or alcohol addicts are helpless when it comes to the health care system with regards to government funded substance abuse treatment. This is partly due to the excessively high demand for help compared to the amount of available funds and care workers. It’s not that the care workers are not willing to help, there’s just not enough of them, and the cost to treat is above the funds available. In other words to better the service more taxes dollars are required.

When you call our drug rehab referral counselors, he or she will do a brief case assessment and profile on the phone. With information on hand we then offer the best options for drug rehab centers servicing Nova Scotia. Our professional counselor’s care about getting you the most appropriate drug treatment center for your situation and which addiction program will best service your needs and give you the greatest chance at real recovery from drug addiction.

Drug Rehab Centers for Nova Scotians

Whether in Halifax or Cape Breton and anywhere in between, our drug rehab referral counselors will assist you to navigate through the immense and often erroneous information available on the internet. They will help find a suitable drug rehab center in Nova Scotia or elsewhere in Canada for you or someone you care about. Any drug rehab counselor working in the field of drug addiction knows that it’s best to be away from the stimulating environment where drug addiction was ongoing.

Call now, a drug rehab referral counselor is standing by to help locate a drug addiction treatment program. Call don’t wait until the police are involved or the Emergency ward calls, act now.