Crack scandal in Toronto’s mayor Office

Drug abuse brings about Crack scandal in Toronto Drug abuse in Toronto has gotten to such a problematic level that it can now be used in parallel with the mayor of Toronto Canada. This appears to be exactly what has occurred with the recent scandal about Toronto’s mayor Ford and the use of Crack Cocaine. […]

Prescription Drugs Addiction

My doctor is a dealer It was two years ago today that I went to see my family doctor about some uncomfortable issues going on with me. I could not understand why I didn’t like my life; I had a good job, a loving husband and two wonderful kids. Yet as time went on I […]

Drug Rehab Centers in Canada

Entering drug rehab centers in Canada Private versus Funded If you want to know how to enter drug rehab centers in Canada there are a few tips that may be useful to you. First off when attempting to enter a drug treatment center in Canada you normally have but two choices; you can enter a […]

Four more charged in major Hinton drug bust

Edmonton drug addiction versus drug bust   Not surprising how a major drug bust in Hinton, just a short distance west of Edmonton, involving many people with addiction issues and various charges from trafficking controlled substances to possession of illegal property continues to trickle down to even more arrests of people with drug addiction.   […]

Drug rehab center for youth in Montreal forced to leave the building

Teenagers using drugs in need of help With the growing number of teenagers using drugs the need to help them is quite real. The school counselors are not drug counselors, and parents are not professional drug counselors either. Our teenagers using drugs on a daily basis or not need our help. Just last week there […]

HMCS Toronto Drug Bust

Chasing the dragon from the urban back alleys to the international seas On the Canadian naval news chatter it’s the HMCS* Toronto, a patrol naval ship, somewhere in the Indian Ocean that made their second major drug bust this year on open water. On a global level the illicit drug industry is just as fierce […]