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A New Outlook on the Opioid Crisis

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OxyContin & the Opioid Crisis

It would appear that the opiate crisis can be read, heard, and watched at every turn. How is it that suddenly in this day and age of knowledge we, as a civilization, are plagued with such a life-killing substance? For all intents and purposes, one could easily state that this just came about through various haphazard circumstances. Yet when one looks closer at the sequence of events there is a very different aspect to this “opioid crisis”.


Substance abuse has been around man’s evolution since the first hunter-gatherers. Over time certain substances became more desirable than others. As can be seen in a shaman’s medical application or a priest’s religious use. Yet in our present society, we find these mind-altering substances being used recreationally. People intentionally attempting to alter their present state of mind and body. And yet when asked about their reasons, very few can give a precise response as to their motives for using. And then there are those cases across the country where we find individuals suffering from some physical ailment looking for help. Only to receive an improper diagnosis or little, if any, actual cure; the result is just more suffering. Yet, as we come forward through man’s evolution we can discover modern chemistry working endlessly to find ways to bring relief; not a cure. Thus we find that the use of a variety of organic plants with psychotropic properties synthesized to bring about temporary relief.


Again look into the situation just a bit further and you will discover the modern solution to relieve just creates a new problem. More often than not, someone complaining about body pain that can’t be physically diagnoses is treated with “pain killers”. These drugs are opiate-based and are very addictive. But this only explains a certain percentage of opiate abusers. What about the recreational users. What can bring a person to take such dangerous mind-altering substances and physically addictive drugs? A careful observation into this problem one can discover that people, in general, have lost the ability to face and deal with daily life situations. Whether it’s the death of a close relative or an abusive childhood. Even failures and broken relations can cause a person to suffer from emotional pain. Any drug is basically a numbing agent, it numbs out the source of pain; it does not cure. Opiates are strong numbing drugs, whether it is oxycodone, morphine, heroin or fentanyl, or any other name, the result is the same.


The short term solution rapidly turns into a life-threatening problem. The body is not constructed to deal with the continued use of toxic substances. Each use makes the body fight off the ingested poison. This is done to such a degree that the natural building blocks of a healthy body are depleted. This explains, in part, the unhealthy appearance of those abusing opiates. In conclusion, it is clear that the culprit to this opioid epidemic is in fact, bad education and lack of life skills. A child in this world should be given good usable tools for life. Such things as honesty, integrity, tolerance, acceptance, and encouragement are the qualities of living. When a society substitutes these for a quick fix mind-altering drug, that society is on its way out. We need good opiate addiction treatment programs for this society, create good and widespread prevention programs and put mandatory drug education programs for the next generation. Enough with the endless debates, it’s time to act.


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