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Private Addiction Counselling Richmond 

Call our toll-free number if you want immediate assistance for private addiction counselling in Richmond or surrounding areas.  And talk with our private drug rehab referral counsellors for guidance and help. Their many years of experience will help you or your loved one find the right drug addiction treatment & counselling service in Richmond or BC. Whether the problem is with alcohol, street drugs or prescription medication, there exists a service for you. Your call to us is secure and confidential.

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1 888-488-8434
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Richmond Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Our referral counsellors know the field. They can guide you to the right service. Whether a private addiction service in Richmond or elsewhere, they can help. The private sector offers various services for you to choose from that will strengthen your resolve to be drug-free. You can find residential drug and alcohol rehabs, addiction counselling, detox, and long-term or short-term treatments. There are solutions to overcome substance abuse problems, and we can guide you to one best suited to you. We also offer Online Addiction Recovery Coaching for those who qualify for the service.

Rehab Centers Richmond & Addiction Counselling

Addiction counselling by itself might not suit everybody who has a substance abuse issue. Most people suffering from addiction need 24/7 support in a safe environment to start the ball rolling. “Kicking the habit” is not an easy task, specifically when someone has been using for years.

Drug rehab centers are in the business of helping people. However, some centers will have better results than others. The program’s format and relatability to the enrolled individual is one factor that determines success. Before you decide what to do or what service to attend, we invite you to talk to our referral counsellor.

Drug Rehab Richmond & Our Referral Service:

What to Expect

Confidential and courteous support and information are what you receive from our experienced referral counsellors. They will start by doing an assessment over the phone to better grasp the person’s condition. This action will also help them determine the degree of addiction and what service best suits the person. They will also help you with any question you may have on addiction and different treatment methods. If you choose a private residential treatment center, they will put you in contact with them.

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching

If a person worries about losing control over their consumption of drugs and alcohol, our Online Coaching Service may be right. The program has unique tools in life skills and is educational in structure.

It offers many advantages. For instance, it is done in the comfort of your home, for a couple of hours a week. Another advantage is that a person receiving the service will decide to raise their responsibility level. They will start feeling in control and make good decisions about their lives in general. 

The unique information and actions from this service can actually not only save your life but make it better and even expand it. Gaining the ability to control and decide for yourself is crucial for happiness. You can read what our past clients say about this service.