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Drug Bust Edmonton


Edmonton drug addiction versus drug bust

Not surprising how a major drug bust in Hinton, just a short distance west of Edmonton, involving many people with addiction issues and various charges from trafficking controlled substances to possession of illegal property continues to trickle down to even more arrests of people with drug addiction.


In all drug busts across Alberta, you can observe how law enforcement officers will get more information in order to get more arrests of people with drug addiction. So how are they getting this information? Lesser charges are the usual bargaining chip for more drug addiction dealers. As a result, more people suffering from drug addiction in prisons and not getting the real drug rehab help required. Drug addiction, trafficking and the subsequent crazy activities following the use of drugs are not crimes but addiction health issues.


How about a cheaper solution, send those drug-law violators to addiction rehab instead of prison.


Source: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/four-more-charged-in-major-hinton-drug-bust-1.1249690


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