Marijuana to ‘Shatter’

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Shatter in Canada

Toronto’s recent discovery of what used to be called Marijuana, pot, ganja, weed, etc. has now been upgraded by vested interest who have created a drug called ‘shatter’. Police in metro Toronto Canada have recently discovered during a drug bust a brittle, caramel colored sticky substance. This drug, called on the streets ‘shatter’, is actually the extracted and highly concentrated active ingredient in Marijuana, THC. The method to extract this ingredient requires clandestine laboratory equipment.




In the US alone within the past year there have been over 30 explosions related to the effort to extract THC from marijuana plants. The recent explosion in Barrie Ontario was related to propane tanks that were suspect in the extraction process to create this so called ‘shatter’ drug. Considering that marijuana joints can have anywhere from 5% to 20% of potency this particular form of THC is up in the 80%, this puts the unsuspecting drug addict in a high risk zone. Any drug is bad for the body and mind but when you don’t know what you’re taking it makes the risk that much more dangerous.



Drug Dealing

The reason drug dealers are always looking for a new way to distribute their product is sometimes based on its addictive nature making first time users immediate long term clients, as seen with crack cocaine. Accessibility is another feature that is sought out for traffickers, some drugs are more difficult to import, being able to make a drug with less risk than attempting to smuggle a drug across the border such as heroin, and is less trouble than simply dealing in Oxycodone or Fentanyl. Canada can grow its own marijuana and decent quality of Pot has been achieved in western Canada but this is bulky and hard to hide or move. With this new form of marijuana, ‘shatter’, a dealer can move a large quantity in a very small space.



Drugs & Society

No matter when in history, society has always found some form of toxin to relieve pain or preform certain rituals. Any substance that alters the mind and general behavior has shown to be counter survival to the best interest of the many. Emergency medical relief is another matter. It’s the continuance or recreational use that is damaging to the person and those around them. The amount of work hours lost every year are astronomical, the numbers of person admitted to an emergency ward for a drug overdose is way above any sentient society as ours. Why people use drugs is a simple story.



Drug Addiction

Emotional pain, physical discomforts, losses, failures, shyness and dozens of other reasons that cause one to live with unwanted feelings, without a real workable solution to these; those are the underlying conditions behind addiction. Drugs, all drugs bring about a numbing of these feelings and to all other feelings, emotions, motivations, etc. but when the drug wears off the condition returns. More drugs are used but also higher dosages are need to get the same effect, known as tolerance. The body becomes accustomed to this toxin and now requires it and this we call addiction.



Help available

Drugs harm the body, mind and soul, there is really no good result from abusing such toxic substances. How you treat your body and mind will increase or decrease your spiritual ability to change the world for the better or for the worse. If you or someone you know is using shatter or any other drug, call us for help today and begin to live drug free and with success.


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