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Is Intervention a Solution?

Drug Rehab Refusal and Options

Drug Intervention Service

Professional Intervention Option

Refusing drug addiction treatment is often seen in the field of drug or alcohol rehabilitation. It does not matter if the addicted person is your mother, brother, girlfriend, cousin, a close friend or you. There are very specific reasons why a person would refuse to be admitted to a drug rehab center or refuse  any other form of help despite the positive arguments to go to rehab.

It’s important to remember that unless the substance dependent person was born from a drugged or alcoholic pregnancy, they were not born with a joint in their mouth or a straw in their nose or needle in their arm, in other words substance abuse did not exist. The person chose to do drugs or alcohol and it became a solution to an otherwise unresolved problem or feeling. Drug addiction treatment is directed at helping the drug addict review their life of drug addiction and weigh the pros & cons. Somewhere along the way in the drug addiction treatment process most counselors hope that the patient will “see the light” or “come to realize” or even “just yank their way out of it”.

Drug Treatments and Loss

But the truth is that in any drug treatment there is the awful sense of losing something very dear and important to the person attending. There is this haunting feeling of loosing control and unable to survive. It does not matter who you are or what drug addiction treatment process you go through; this will occur during drug treatment.

This feeling of loss is sensed even before drug rehabilitation is begun. A drug addict will sense this each time he misses his next scheduled fix. First off, it must be stated very clearly that drugs of any kind are poisons. They are not naturally compatible to our body’s structure. Drug use and/or alcohol abuse destroy body tissue at a cellular level and drain the nutritional reserves; very slowly killing the body. A bigger dose of drugs hide this dying feeling while it continues to destroy.

Intervention Response

So when you come up to your wife, husband, sister, boyfriend or daughter and tell them you want them to get treatment or go to drug rehab. You have asked him or her to give up the only thing that hides the feeling of death. Just the thought of not having that next scotch or line of coke brings forth the fear of death, resulting in refusal.

Another aspect of refusal for drug rehabilitation is the underlying issues; the substance became a solution to an unresolved problem, feeling or incapacity to cope that brought about the drug alcohol abuse in the first place. In many cases of substance abuse the person’s usage is their solution to an unresolved problem. This is why many drug addiction treatment centers offer supporting programs to help deal with subject matters like, parenting, social skills, proper manners or simple communication skills. When you tell a loved one “its time to face the facts and get help, go to a drug addiction treatment center” you’re telling them to give up their only solution they have for their underlying and unwanted condition; resulting in refusal.

The best option for refusal would be intervention, especially if the situation is serious and time is ticking. If the person is not in remand or the ER, than you should contact a referral counselor and get informed on how to speak to a drug addict and become knowledgeable and determined in this action. There is also professional help for intervention. If you need help call one of our counselors today.


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