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What is an intervention?

When does a family need an intervention? How does the intervention work? These are just some of the questions people ask when they realize that a family member or close friend is seriously addicted to some drug or abusing alcohol and is a danger to themselves, or others and need help or answers.

Understanding Family Intervention

By definition intervention stems from the Latin word intervenire “to come between”, interrupt, from inter-“between” + venire “come”. With intervention, we are stating that the family is stepping in between the addicted family member they care about and the destructive actions of the drug addict. Not all families require a drug addiction intervention. There are those substance abusers that have woken up suddenly and realize their life is heading toward death and destruction and need help with a drug treatment centre and off they go to drug rehabilitation.

Other families do not have the fortune of having that family member realize that their substance abuse has become a real problem and they don’t see the need for help. Unfortunately, since addiction does not stay the same the person will fall even further into their addiction and this eventually will create a sort of disconnection from family, friends, loved ones, and co-workers.

The Dwindling Spiral

By this point, the drug addict is on a rapid dwindling spiral towards oblivion. He is now unrecognizable, he is lying, stealing, and pointing fingers in an effort to be right or he/she has stopped attending family gatherings and may have lost his job or left school and life is now unbearable to those close to the individual. After several failed attempts to get the addict to realize they have a serious addiction problem and coaxing them to seek help and treatment, some family and friends may have simply decided to disconnect from the person to spare anguish, frustration, and despair. The drug addict is left on his own to struggle his way back to the living.


Intervention Option

Without giving at least one last effort to help this person out you may never know if you could have saved them from more drug use and bad situations … or worse! Intervention is always proposed to family members as a solution to help a loved one out of a drug or alcohol problem and is considered the final push or attempt to break the drug addiction cycle.

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Drug Intervention Specialists

Most intervention specialists will meet with the family as a group beforehand and get a good idea of everyone’s view on the drug addict in question and will meet with everyone individually before the intervention takes place. The specialist will establish ground rules for a successful intervention and establish a plan for treatment and another one in case the addict refused to seek help. He prepares everyone for the meeting; what will be said and subjects to avoid. If done well and if all who attend are on board and are serious about really reaching and helping the drug addict. It will go smoothly and everybody will win with the result of a successful drug intervention

The fact is, all drug addicts want out of their drug addiction but are simply so caught up in it they cannot see any way out. It is a hopeless situation for them. A drug addict didn’t set out to become addicted; no one truly wants to be a drug addict! But… what choice do they have, they are caught in it and there is seemingly no way out! The prospect of withdrawal pain and living sober with this pain or emptiness that egged them into usage is inconceivable. In many instances, you are the only hope for the drug addict.

Before choosing your interventionist be sure to ask questions, get reviews, etc. Remember drug addiction is a big business, not just for the drug dealers, but drug rehab centres and intervention groups, many truly want to help others but some are in it for the paycheck so choose wisely.

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