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Families & Drug Intervention

What is a Drug Intervention?

When does a family need to do a drug intervention? How does the intervention work? These are just some of the questions people ask when they realize someone they know is addicted to some mind-altering substance.  

The person became a danger to themselves or others, and cannot see it. People around them feel they must take action somehow but are not sure of what step to take. The first step would be to make sure you are dealing with the person adequately.

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Understanding Family Intervention

By definition of intervention stems from the Latin word interventionem,an interposing, a giving security,” literally “a coming between.” Intervention states that a family is stepping in to help the addicted person stop their destructive ways.

Not all families require a drug intervention. There are those substance abusers that suddenly realize their life is heading toward death and destruction. They see the need for help, and off they go to rehab. Other families don’t have that “luxury.” The family member doesn’t see the need for treatment. Unfortunately, since addiction does not stay the same, the person will fall further into dependency, eventually creating disconnection from family, friends, loved ones, and co-workers.

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The Consequences of Addiction

At this point, the drug addict is on a rapid dwindling spiral towards oblivion. He is now unrecognizable. He lies, steals, and points the finger in an attempt to be right, or he has stopped attending family gatherings. He may have lost his job or left school, and life is now unbearable to those close to the individual.

After several failed attempts to get the addict to realize their serious addiction problem and coaxing them to seek help and treatment, some family and friends may have simply decided to disconnect to spare anguish, frustration, and despair. The drug addict is left on his own to struggle his way back to the living.

Professional Drug Intervention Option

When families cannot reach the addicted person even with several attempts there is a last ditch effort. Without making a last attempt to help this individual, you may never know if you could have saved them. The person uses more drugs and gets in one bad situation after the next! An addiction intervention is always proposed to family members to help a loved one with a drug or alcohol problem. It is the final push or attempt to break the drug addiction cycle.


Drug Intervention Specialists

Most intervention specialists will meet with the family as a group beforehand to get everyone’s view on the addicted person. He will also talk with everyone individually before the intervention takes place. The specialist will establish ground rules for a successful intervention. He creates a plan to get the person to treatment and another one in case the addict refused to seek help. He prepares everyone for the meeting, talks about what to say and what subjects to avoid. If done correctly, with all attendees onboard and serious, the person will understand and agree. It will go smoothly, and everybody will win with the result of a successful drug intervention.

The Drug-Addicted Individual

The fact is, every addicted individual wants out of their dependency. Most are stuck in it and cannot see any way out. It is a hopeless situation for them. A drug addict didn’t set out to become addicted; no one truly wants to be addicted! They are caught in it, and there is seemingly no way out in their viewpoint! The thought of withdrawal pain and living sober is unthinkable. Living with the emptiness that leads them to usage is undesirable. In many instances, you are the only hope for them.

Professional Drug Interventionist

Before choosing a professional drug interventionist, be sure to ask questions. Many rehab centres have their own intervention services, so you might start there. Please keep in mind that addiction is a big business, not just for the drug dealers but drug rehab centres and intervention groups. Many genuinely want to help others, but some are in it for the paycheck. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call our toll-free number or request a callback.

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