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Are you looking to help a loved one with their substance abuse? After you have their agreement, the first action is to enter them into a Quebec detox treatment centre. This is the first stage of sobriety for any individual that abuses mind-altering substances, including alcohol. Most users will have consumed for some time, and most likely, the quantities increased over time.

Therefore, to help them with counselling, the person needs to rid the body of its accumulation. Trying to help a person understand the reason for abusing illicit drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications only works once the body is free from drugs and their effects. That is done over a period of time and with assistance. Doing it “cold turkey” is very risky, to say the least. Anyone attempting to stop this way will experience unpleasant effects.

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 Medical detox Quebec.

Quebec Detox, First Step

The word detox is actually incorrect for this action, although now widely accepted. In fact, the correct term is withdrawal. When a person stops to use mind-altering drugs or alcohol, the body goes into the withdrawal stage. A consulting physician normally supervises the action to ease the side effects—a doctor trained in drug addiction and detox.

The term detox or detoxification is technically the action of flushing out toxins at all levels. At this writing, there are very few public access drug rehabs do this step. Quebec province is not different. What we call detox in society today is stopping the ingestion of drugs in the body. When doing a detox, one can expect a time frame of 5 to 10 days on average. In certain cases, the time can be more.

Medical Detoxes in Quebec

Quebec health care offers beds for detox for its residents. Most major cities and even towns will have some support service for this. In severe cases, the person may require a medical detox. A medically supervised detox is different from a regular detox. In this case, the person might have a pre-existing medical condition needing medical supervision. Or an individual can be a long-term user of alcohol or benzos and be life-threatening without a physician’s care.

Some facilities can address this type of situation. To know if you require this service, we suggest you speak with an experienced addiction referral & consultation counsellor who can answer your questions and guide you to the best options.

Quitting on your Own vs. Detox Services

No matter the situation, a Quebec detox treatment center will be the first stage toward sobriety. Some have tried on their own to detox and have had a rough time at it. Rarely has someone successfully quit abusing illicit drugs, alcohol, and such on their own. Support for this is a must and will give you the best chance at being successful in beating your addiction. It takes courage to recognize and admit there is a problem and that things are not going as one wishes. Recognizing is a big step towards clean living. Help, as in drug intervention, is also available to overcome the initial barriers to arriving in detox.

Quebec Detox Centres & Support Team

Anyone can beat substance abuse. But it really helps to have a support team working with you 24/7 to bring you from despair to hope. Another action that is vital to all withdrawal is nutritional supplements. Over time the body has been hammered with poisonous toxins, drugs and alcohol. It has depleted its reserves of vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. these are the building blocks of a healthy body. Detox should include these to help restore the organism to a healthy state. Ask about this when searching for the proper detox for your loved one.

For further assistance, please get in touch with one of our trained referral & consultation counsellors. They will assist you in locating a proper detox and treatment program servicing Quebec residents.