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Addiction and New Years Resolution

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A New Year Resolution

As we enter the New Year, many people will settle on some form of resolution: quit smoking, spend less at restaurants, not stay up as late, and thousands of other decisions to stop doing something that was somewhat counterproductive to their daily lives.

In the majority these people do not follow through with their resolution, few make the decision and actually get it accomplished and there is a very good reason. But for someone who is attempting to make a New Year’s resolution to stop drinking or to quit crack cocaine, Pot or heroin, there is more at stake than a simple decision.

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Making the Decision

For someone addicted to some prescription drug or illicit drug deciding to quit is obviously a good place to begin. To decide about something requires a follow-up of actions about that which you made a decision. 

You cannot simply say “I am going to stop using cocaine this year” and wake up the next day and you will no longer use cocaine.

Drug addiction is as much a physical condition as it is an emotional and mental state of mind. Because anyone that has decided to quit some illicit drug or some form of alcohol will discover that within short order of time some form of discomfort will begin to appear and in certain cases these discomforts can be quite painful especially in the case of opiates and amphetamines, not to mention people with heavy drinking issues.

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Quitting Drugs and Support for the Decision 

But there is a way to handle such subjects. For instance, if you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to crack cocaine, maybe this person is using between 3 and 5 grams a day, well the fact that they want to quit is in itself a major change and should be acknowledged as such.

But this person will require more than a decision; in fact, the person will be feeling so bad within the first ten hours of not using that it is practically unbearable. To make good on their resolution for this year the person must be assisted in some fashion to support the decision.

Obviously, the best way to do this is to enter a professional drug rehab center or drug addiction treatment program. This is the best way to overcome the craving for more drugs, even though these cravings will still show up the person will at least have some support staff to help them through the rough spots.

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Supporting a Friend Come Off Alcohol

What of the person who is drinking a case of twenty-four beers every 3 days, and smoking pot. He or she may decide in 2014; “that’s it on this drinking and smoking crap”. It will be okay for a day or so, and then the various withdrawal symptoms show up and can be extremely emotional and physically painful.

Maybe you decide to help them and stay with the person for one or two weeks, but with no formal training in drug addiction and detox, you will most likely find it very hard to deal with. Again, the best thing is to have this person sign up for a residential addiction treatment program that can address drug addiction as well as alcohol abuse.

Professional Support 

The point is there are no magical solutions when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. Both are very complex and painful issues to deal with. Many illicit drugs can be physically exhausting, and withdrawing from others will drain your emotional barriers with relentless demand.

Professional drug addiction counsellors are those people who have been well-trained in the subject of addiction and substance abuse to aid someone in such situations. So if you or someone you know has made their New Year’s resolution to quit drinking or drug-using, my advice to you is to change the resolution to “get professional help with my addiction and or alcohol abuse.

If you need assistant with this, call a drug addiction referral counsellor today, they know how to get the right help for the right situation, call now and make your decision a reality.

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