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Alcohol for Xmas Shoppers

Season to be Jolly

Here is a new take on substance abuse traffickers. We are all quite familiar with drug dealers and drug traffickers. It’s no mystery that in order to get drugs into the public hands for consumption, you need to recruit a sufficient amount of people to get the product out, and it would appear this is true with alcohol. The way this is done with drugs is to choose the right person who is sufficiently addicted to their drug of choice, cocaine, pot or prescription drugs like Oxy’s, etc. and offer them a way to cover their addiction expenses by selling drugs to others, keep the person hooked on drugs and selling it.

This method works well for the drug trafficker because a drug addict who needs his or her daily dose of drugs will do whatever it takes to ensure their supply is kept coming, what better way than to sell the drug you are addicted to.

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A recent review of the holiday season activities and especially in the shopping malls appears a new phenomenon not previously observed. As a consumer of goods, we can all appreciate the abundance of products available. But to get those products into the hands of the consumer requires quite a team of marketing experts and promotional costs that can skyrocket in a very short time for business owners. Similar to the beer commercials during an NFL playoff game, costs are in the millions, but sales can rise in the billions.

Christmas and Alcohol

In the last four decades, it’s been noticed that the alcohol industry, meaning those businesses that ferment the raw material to create, wine, beer and hard liquor have their greatest increase in sales during the Christmas season. This society has arrived at a point where many citizens will associate Christmas with alcohol consumption all thanks to a team of marketing experts and billions of dollars on promotional campaigns. One of these campaigns is not that different from the drug dealers as mentioned above.

Mom, dad and their daughter are out on a shopping day for gifts to get for other family members and friends, there in the mall and as they enter a clothing store, they are greeted by an elf, and pretty elf at that, who offers them a half-ounce plastic glass of bubbly wine, with a smile and a cheery giggle, Mom, dad and young daughter accept the cheery offer and down the hatch, it goes. They walk through the store and exit without purchasing. As the alcohol slowly enters their bloodstream, across the walkway there’s a music shop and they consider some CD’s for gifts they enter and as they are searching the various artist, a reindeer shows up with a platter and offer a shot of “peppermint rum”, dad grabs a glass and downs it, he then gets another for his wife who rejects the glass so he takes it also, you get the picture.

This goes on from one end of the mall down to the other end of the mall. It is also noticeable in the various supermarkets; there is someone at a stand-up booth who is offering small shots to people as tongue teasers. Usually, some wine is offered, and occasionally you will find some Beer. But what is not being seen is that these people are social alcohol pushers in their own right. A human body only needs a few milligrams of alcohol to invoke the body’s desire for more alcohol. No wonder they call this the season to be jolly, half the population is tipsy and influenced by some amount of alcohol. Despite the ads, alcohol is a killer drug, shoppers beware of the alcohol pushers, their smiles and costumes may seem pleasant and endearing but their motive is to get your alcohol level just below the legal limit but just enough to have your mind open to spend, spend and spend some more. This season, just say no to alcohol, even if it’s Santa Clause offering it, just say no thanks, you will be happier for it.

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