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Drugs are Bad

It’s one of those things that “everybody knows”; drugs are bad for you. Well, that’s just a big generality because it is quite another issue to actually understand what it means. Those of us who have been in the grip of drug addiction or know someone who is struggling with drug addiction can see quite obviously that their health is being affected by the drugs or alcohol being consumed. Some of the more usual observed changes are sunken eyes, pale skin, drooping or glazed look, dry mouth, weight loss and other known facts as part of a long list of physical side effects of short and long-term drug or alcohol abuse.

Looking further into this you discover the link between drugs or alcohol and the effects on one’s body is in fact simpler than one could expect. It would be easy to get into some very technical and long-winded medical terms to describe the activity of drugs on the body but this is not a medical paper for scholars. With that in mind here it is in simple day-to-day language anyone can understand.



Drugs & Alcohol are Poisons

Drugs and alcohol are basically poisons. They are not found naturally in the body, you don’t find proteins in drugs. You will not find vitamins in drugs or alcohol. And you will not find any marketing slogan stating how nutritious Scotch is or how many proteins you will gain from a hit of heroin. Even a line of cocaine does not have a single mineral that is good for the body. This being the case, here is what happens when the body experiences a poisonous intake of some substance;

The body is rigged to recognize when something bad is ingested, such as rotten food, the body instinctively knows this is bad and tends to reject it, in order to protect itself the body vomits to rid the organism of the foreign substance that is a threat to survival. Similarly, when a little alcohol is taken the body begins to fight back with its internal nutrients such as vitamin B1 and other vitamins, minerals will also be put forth to combat the alcohol. This burning of nutrients is what gives the giddy effect or dizzy feeling from 1 or 2 glasses of wine, beer, etc. When too much is taken and the body has depleted its nutrients fighting the poison its last resort is to reject the substance and vomit.

This works out differently with drugs. Drugs enter the bloodstream and poison the body from inside out. Blood vessels run throughout the body and into every organ. When too many lines of cocaine or milligrams of Oxy’s are taken, etc. the body reacts the same as with alcohol but in this case, it cannot reject the same way; the way the organism preserves its survival is to start a shutdown, this is known as ‘overdose’. It is normally dealt with by health care professionals in the field of medicine. When too many opiates are ingested the body begins to shut down its normal monitoring activity, and the heart rate increases or decreases, blood pressure and temperature is uncontrolled and the list goes on. All these activities are normally controlled and monitored as a natural action in a healthy body. Just like your body knows when it has too much dust in its nasal cavity and you find yourself sneezing. Simple but true. It’s like putting a drop of molasses in a Rolex timepiece.



If you need help

For anyone who is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, you need to recognize that you are slowly or rapidly killing your body. This is a fact, bodies are not intended to drink motor oil, nor is it meant to ingest drugs or alcohol for recreational purposes. At times the body may require some medication while the physician does repairs but that is under controlled prescription, not to just feel good. For help with addiction call 1-888-488-8434


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