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Financial help for youths in New Brunswick from our Canadian government as part of the National Anti-drug Strategy is welcomed by those social worker in the youth criminal justice system.


We are all well aware of the devastating effects that drug abuse has on people and more so with our youths. Kids are much more likely to get caught up in drug addiction than adults are, in fact the majority of drug addiction cases interviewed by substance abuse counselors can tell you that these hard core drug addicts began at an early age to use drugs. Whether the gate drug was pot, beer or wine or even cigarettes the youth felt more accepted by his peers or felt it easier to talk with othersor maybe just wanted to forget about the difficulties of teenage life for a short while. In any case the youngster tried his or her first joint of marijuana or glass of alcohol and discovered it did bring about a desired effect.


Drug Free Youth
Drug Free Youth

So now that the desired effect has been achieved the youth believes this is the solution to other difficulties faced in growing up and uses the drug more often. If this drug doesn’t give the same effect anymore than another stronger drug like cocaine or crack or even meth-amphetamines are used. It doesn’t take long for a 14 or 15 year old body to become dependant on a toxic substance. But at this age money is not coming in as fast as the need to use drugs. The options are simple; quit doing drugs, which is unlikely and not an easy thing to do, the other is begin selling drugs to pay for their own daily needs and is done by many or the last option is to resort to crime.



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Drug crimes and youth
Drug crimes and youth


Many find it easier to steal from a pharmacy, local electronic store, etc and then sell the items to some pawn shop to get the funds needed to supply their daily addiction. This is a major concern to social workers in all areas of New Brunswick who have noted the rise in youth criminal activity and the relation to drug addiction. What is needed is some plan of action to educated kids before they get offered drugs to deal with the teenage blues. In accordance with the National Anti-Drug Strategy Mr. Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister Robert Goguen have announced their support with $100,000 funding on a project to train community workers and personnel in the criminal justice department on various effective and efficient substance abuse treatment strategies for youths that are caught up in the criminal justice system.


It’s nice to hear every now and then that our Canadian government is actually listening to some of the concerns of the people and is able to give a hand at bringing some sanity to areas where drug abuse, crime and out-of-control go hand and hand. We should fully support such actions and support any National Anti-Drug Strategy program.


It should be noted that if we also put some attention on kids before life as a teenager becomes a challenge to “fit in” and “be accepted” without solutions and drug or alcohol are the only solutions available, we may save a lot of wasted youths in our criminal justice system. The time to act is before a child is fighting for his or her place in the world. Give them the tools and proper education on the devastating consequences to using drugs as a solution while also providing real useful methods to deal with growing up in a world where society depends on technological wonders to solve their personal problems.


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