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Is your child drug-free for school

Drug-free for school

As summer winds through to its end are you certain your loved one is drug or alcohol-free for their next school year? There are ways to determine if this is not the case and options to handle before school begins and save the study year. One of the main indicators that possible drug use is out of control is that your family member has become distant. Apart from the possibility of asserting their independence, they are less present at family gatherings, giving odd reasons or being vague about why they cannot be present or simply being defensive at the idea of spending quality time with the family. This can be a sign of hidden activities, that your son or daughter knows very well you would disapprove of, and they are ashamed to admit to it.


Physical Changes

Another observation that there may be drug abuse is physical changes, such as noticeable loss of weight. Usually due to some abuse of opiate type drugs, like heroin, cocaine or pain killers namely Oxycodone, morphine and other similar classed drugs.

You will also see the eye sockets darkening and showing signs of being sunken inwards. Shaking is a common side effect of opiate drug use, the level of anxiety and nutritional depletion causes the body to shake uncontrolled. One observation is when you notice your child wearing long sleeves even when the weather dictates that short sleeves or tank tops would be the normal dress wear. This is often a sign of hiding needle marks on the arms from injecting drugs like heroin. One that is less accepted as a sign of drug abuse is the observation that your son or daughter is sleeping way more than usual and seem to always be tired and have a lack of energy. This is observed when the drug’s effect is wearing off, the burning up of minerals and vitamins and proteins in the body is a key factor in this lethargic behaviour.


Attitude & Behaviour, Drug-Free for School

Whatever the symptoms you notice in your loved one’s attitude or behaviour you have a responsibility to find out what is going on. When questioned, the addict will often attempt to avoid answering or brush their condition off with some lame excuse for their condition. One of the best methods to determine if your child is using illicit drugs or alcohol is to have them do a urine test or breathalyzer These can be acquired in pharmacies or local hospitals or ordered online.

The real work begins when you have determined that your daughter or son is using drugs or alcohol. This is where you need to locate good professional addiction treatment. Sometimes you may be able to get them the local help rapidly but this is rare. Most local drug rehab centers with public access have lengthy screening processes and a long waiting list for residential programs.


Another Option

The other option is to contact private treatment referral counsellors who can put you in touch with a suitable private drug rehab intake counsellor. These, normally affordable facilities, will not have any type of waiting time. They will be able to help your son or daughter the same day or the next, rarely any longer. If you or someone you know is struggling with some form of illicit drug addiction or alcohol abuse speak with an experienced referral counsellor. Get your loved one into treatment before school starts up again for their next semester. Why lose a year of education when you can save it in one month. Get your child drug-free for school.


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