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Better done in moderation

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Have fun but be good for goodness’ sake!

With the holiday season upon us, many companies will be having their festive office Christmas party and with that comes alcohol and in many parts of the country, drugs are also present. It is always a great thing to have all the staff and executives come together at one big fun event, smiles are shared and toasts are made; people exchange gifts and wishes.

When super is finished and acknowledgements are made, the music is pumped up and the drinks begin to flow. This is usually where many begin to lose control of the amount being consumed. Too many stories can be told about the embarrassing moments of the office Christmas party of yesteryear. When the booze begins to flow there will always be someone in the group that may be unknown to others or at best only suspected of drug use. You can usually see a couple of co-workers going to the washroom a bit too often or to an isolated corner of the hotel, maybe a few secretaries or office clerks sniffling oddly, this can be signs of cocaine abuse or similar illicit drugs.

As with any festive gathering, it’s important to remind people to enjoy themselves but also to keep in mind to drink moderately. There is nothing wrong with a cheer at celebrations but it is another thing to have too many drinks. With alcohol, as with any mind-altering substance, a person’s perceptions are compromised and their thinking is impaired, decision making is slowed and flawed.


Drink in Moderation

So why is society putting so much attention on cutting back the consumption of liquor or any other substance? It’s quite simple really, anyone with an alcohol problem can’t just have one or two drinks they must have more. Technically the alcohol is travelling through the bloodstream and will enter the brain tissues and begin to cause bad relay from mind to body, past issues; memories, get stimulated and confused with present circumstances. This is the cause of thousands of accidents and deaths every year.

Just like drugs will alter the mind and the person’s ability to think clearly, alcohol is no different. So the message this holiday season is to keep in mind moderation, be moderate. This means to not go in excess, cut back on the indulgence, ask yourself if you really need to have the extra drink. More often than not, you don’t; so don’t. It’s really that simple. Have a safe and joyous holiday season.

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  1. After reading this blog on the festive season, remember as a younger person how much I couldn’t wait for the Christmas party of the office believe you me they were wild. I recall working for a organization that didn’t do alcohol for the Christmas parties, thought it was strange at first but after a few times going to our Christmas parties it was FUN, which was strange because I really didn’t think I could have fun especially at a Christmas party without alcohol, now it is something that comes natural. Alcohol was a barrier for myself when it came to parties and the festive season I use to think I had to fill up the house with beer, spirits and wine so people could be Merry after all it was Christmas!!!! just to let you people out there know its a waste of money.
    Going to many events without alcohol and waking up clear minded and money in my purse was a great feeling. So for myself this blog reminds me that it’s all in the name. Merry Christmas to all have a jolly sober time.

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