Drug abuse brings about Crack scandal in Toronto

Drug abuse in Toronto has gotten to such a problematic level that it can now be used in parallel with the mayor of Toronto Canada. This appears to be exactly what has occurred with the recent scandal about Toronto’s mayor Ford and the use of Crack Cocaine. Drugs are bad in general but when crack is the drug being used you’re bringing the statement to a whole now level of dirt.


Often when there is deadlock between offices, it’s not uncommon to clean house with some scandal about a businessman, the company itself or even a politician. Over the years the best scandals were; sex, drugs and alcohol. With drug addiction and drug crimes at such a high level this has become the preferred subject of scandal.


But scandal or not, there is nothing funny or astonishing about drug abuse or its consequence; drug addiction. Especially with Crack, this drug has been responsible for many deaths and even more crippled existences from extensive crack cocaine abuse. Crack abuse destroys nerve tissues, bone cells, brain pattern, can cause speech dyslexia, just to mention a few. Aside from what the drug is and how it is created the point is, it’s a drug; a poison, it destroys a human body.


Whether the mayor of Toronto, Mr. Rob Ford used crack or not is beside the point. Just the fact that he has been associated with the subject of crack cocaine is a career killer. Interesting how powerful even alleged drug abuse can be. If the just the word Crack can break a man’s career imagine what the actual use can do to a person.


Crack cocaine in Toronto is only now getting attention across Canada because of its association to a political figure; Toronto’s mayor. But where exactly is the attention? That’s right, on the mayor, whereas attention should be on the illicit drug; crack cocaine, the street drug that has poisoned our kids, friends and colleagues.


If the same amount of attention for the alleged drug abuse by the Mayor of Toronto was on canceling out this poison called crack, the streets of Toronto would be safer and crime would be less and a society as a whole would be healthier.


When it comes to drug abuse in Toronto Canada there is no prejudice to gender, age, race or social position for that matter. Once you have made a deal with crack cocaine drug, abuse and scandal is sure to follow not long after. Did someone want the mayor out of office? Did Mayor Ford refuse to budge on some financial agenda? Whatever the reason there is one thing you can be certain of; high profile drug abuse will bring about a scandal in Toronto.



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