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Drug and criminality

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Drugs and Criminality

Substance abuse leads to various crimes

Substance abuse has been one of the leading factors that have been playing a major role in increasing the crime rate in North America. The relationship between a drug and an addict is equivalent to the relationship between shoes and socks. They are inseparable and hence it’s very difficult for an addict to get over his excess dosage of drug intake. 

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Handcuffs after arrest

Once a person becomes an addict, he starts doing things that he has never done before. He follows falsehood shamelessly, indulges more with “anti-socials” and together they carry out anti-social activities such as stealing, shoplifting and many more. Thus, when an individual develops these detrimental tendencies and his rate of addiction becomes extremely high. He should be immediately admitted to any one of the drug rehabs in Canada. In doing so, there is a chance that he may turn into a new leaf again.

Isolation & Substance Misuse

Addicts usually don’t mix with everyone easily and can somewhat be termed as antisocial personalities, since they prefer staying in isolation. There may be people who would take advantage of this situation and try to misguide the addict. They would make him believe that they are his best friends and lend him money once or twice. Then when the addict is unable to repay but needs cash earnestly he is asked to do things astray. Stealing, plundering and even murder are some of the anti-social activities in which the addicted individual could get involved in. However, if you have to save him from these unfavourable acquaintances, it is better that you take him to a drug rehab treatment.

Substance Abuse & Drug Peddlers

The most prominent crime in which North American youths get involved is becoming illicit drug peddlers. They are asked to carry cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and all sorts of street drugs from one place to another. They are helpless because they have no choice. Their habit has made them stand in a place from where there is no seeing backwards. This is the time when they should be enrolling in a drug rehab center. Hence, be kind and come forward to help the addicts and try your level best not to be ignorant about such issues. Remember social boycotts make trusted crooks. So, beware!

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