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Drug Addiction in Canada

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Addiction in Canada, Better or Worse?

If one were to go out to any club across Canada, it is quite certain you would have no problem finding some individual who would be able to hook you up with some cocaine, crack, pot, or prescription drug of some sort. And this is the same in practically every city in every province. 

This is not something new for anyone interested in the handling of drug addiction and substance abuse. But how does one gauge if all the efforts of those professionals who treat drug addiction on a daily basis and those law enforcement officers who arrest drug traffickers and individuals in possession of some illicit drug are making a dent in this huge social problem?

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Biochemical Society

When doing any kind of research into whether drug addiction is lessening or raising, the data is at best a couple of years old and it takes months of tabulation to get any kind of comparison. 

Yet there is a way to gauge drug addiction as an overall trend in society based on social media and trending topics related to drugs and substance abuse; it’s pretty clear that we have headed into a serious biochemical society.

Television shows and such talk about drugs and you can see many family lives that have alcohol for dinner.

 Medical paraphernalia.

Various Medication

There was a time when drug rehab facilities and drug addiction programs were for such drugs as cocaine, heroin, peyote, marijuana and other street drugs. With the increase in pharmaceutical industries fabricating, testing and marketing hundreds of thousands of variations of medications for practically every possible human complaint, our human species is headed toward a toxic wasteland.

Drug rehab counsellors and hospital emergency personnel alike report more and more cases of prescription drug addiction, and Canada is reported to be the second-biggest consumer of prescription opiates. Moreover, a selection of chemical combinations that were made in a laboratory and tested on a specified amount of people had an extensive list of negative side effects and only a small amount of benefit as one can observe with television ads.

 Partying with alcohol.
 A hand reaching out to another.

A Pink or Blue Pill

Despite the news headlines about this major drug bust and that seizure of drugs, etc. Marijuana gains popularity for legalization, kids are put on medication as early as six months, mothers are prescribed drugs for all minor complaints, fathers are given pills to cope, pills are taken to wake up, pills are taken to sleep, pills are taken to deal with crowds, and some are taken to deal with “aloneness,” and the list goes on and on, is this not a drug addiction also? Something is missing if, as a species, we are so unable to deal with daily life unless we swallow a pink or blue pill; our future is bleak at best.

What is needed is true knowledge of living, tools to deal with daily problems that arise, and a means to feel good about who we are and what we do and have or not have. Such knowledge most likely does exist about how to live, know life, and be part of life, but we simply choose not to see it or ignore it because of some fear of what others might think.

Your Life Yours Choices

Well, it’s your life to decide how it should be lived, and if you are missing some knowledge on what life is or how it can be lived in a happy, joyous manner, then you owe it to yourself to find out. Pills are good for destroying destructive bacteria and viruses or to help strengthen tissue and cells. But a pill is no substitute for dealing with shyness, fear of heights, the ability to deal with financial problems, how to keep a marriage alive, or a child focused on some task.

You decide if drug addiction in Canada is getting better or worse, take a look around the office and ask how many co-workers are taking a pill or use illicit drugs; that will be your answer.

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