Drug addiction leads to drug bust in Cornwall, south Ontario and Quebec

Drug Addiction leads to criminality
Drug Addiction leads to Criminality

Once again drug addicts attempting to climb the toxic corporation of drug trafficking have fallen short on their way up the ladder. Recent drug bust in Cornwall and other drug addicts in Quebec probably started off with just a joint of pot or a few shots of liquor to find their need for the effects of the drug increasing each day and each week that goes by. As their drug addiction increases so does the cost to maintain their addiction. Then after a few close calls with the law from petty crimes to pay for their drug addiction it only make sense to the drug addict to begin drug trafficking.


Usually it starts small just to cater to the needs of close drug addicts buddies and it helps to cover their own drug use. But soon the money begins to roll in and then the drug addiction takes on a different level of use. The amount required to get high no longer suffices and must be increased. There are crack addicts and cocaine users that will go through many grams of their drug of choice just to get to the point of being high again, this can cost several hundred dollars a day.


In order to keep up with their daily demand for drugs and the expensive lifestyle, because lets face it, it’s not like the drug dealer is depositing a paycheck every week. So many of the transactions are cash a sale, the idea is to have no paper trail. Many drug dealers will be seen with big flat screen TVs, swimming pools, two cars, a boat, off road vehicles, etc. All this money being made off of other peoples weaknesses. But once caught and in most cases they do get caught, it’s the end of the joy ride and all is lost, taken away and resold at auctions.


Drug rehab counselors encounter ex-drug dealers every day. The difference now is the dealer who felt like he or she was unstoppable and can control anyone is now faced with the fact that they have a drug addiction problem and need help. It’s a hard road back to social living and helping one’s fellow man instead of destroying them. A drug addict must come to terms with their misdeeds. This includes realizing the hundreds of lives that have been affected by their actions of selling crack or meth amphetamines to someone who used to be a father to an eight year old son and was married once to a lovely women, etc, etc.


Here is some straight facts, when the police bust some drug dealer of importance, two things can happen, a) another simply takes over that dealers district or b) the drug addicts simply move off to another dealer. Here is another truth to look at, every time you go out and buy some pot, coke or crack you are helping to harm hundreds of family and friends. Also, each time you sell a gram of crack, coke or pot to someone you are actually destroying hundreds of people’s lives, simply by the side effects of drug addiction in our society.


If you are someone you know has been busted for drug trafficking and is now wanting to get out of the drug scene call one of our drug addiction counselors, the can refer you to the right drug rehab program that will give you a chance at recovery. Call 1 888-488-8434

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