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More drug busts and problem still there

Well, just this month there have been at least ten new drug bust alerts from across Canada, wow ten separate instances of drug busts. But to make the news the drug bust must have some importance or some media known person involved or it doesn’t make the news. On any given day across Canada, there can be a dozen drug busts of small-time dealers and traffickers. To make international news the quantity must be significant and the operation by drug squads and enforcement officers must be important.

Like the recent drug bust on the west coast with millions worth of Crack cocaine, crystal meth, guns, money, etc. The people involved in the drug trafficking business have been supplying a large portion of the west coast Vancouver area. Which then is moved inland and across the country to other major cities like Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.

In following the drug bust across Canada for the last year It can be estimated that there is a major drug bust at least 3 to 5 times every week. This has been observed; just try it yourself, make your Google alert send all news on drug busts across Canada and you will see the pride in Police officers, and sergeants and other officials from Vancouver to St-John’s Newfoundland. What doesn’t appear to make much sense is, if there are this many drug trafficking busts across our country every year, it would seem that this statistic should be decreasing not increasing.

The simple equation is that this area is so lucrative that drug addicts cannot pass up the opportunity to take over someone else’s place on the ladder of becoming a “Drug Lord”. Despite the risks, drug addicts will do anything to become a larger player in the field of illicit drug distribution. Our drug enforcement departments do a good job at stopping illicit drugs from being spread into our communities but when compared to the amount that is actually getting to our kids, family members and friends it may be time to rethink a means to stop self-inflicting destruction by toxic poison.

The truth is, drug trafficking is only a latter part of the problem, the core of the drug problem is the individual; what makes a person want to do drugs in the first place? Why would anyone want to poison themselves? What causes drug addiction? These are the real questions that should be answered. Drugs are just physical substances and do absolutely nothing on their own. You can put a pound of cocaine on a table and watch it for days on end, and nothing and nobody will get high. But once you include a person in the equation, especially a person who possibly just got served his notice for a divorce, or was just told he is being laid off, or maybe he or she just found out their closest relative just died. Now you have a reason that the pound of cocaine will be of any use.

People do drugs to rid themselves of some unwanted personal condition when other attempts to handle their problem have failed, sooner or later people will find that drugs or alcohol will mask the condition temporarily at which point more drugs are required, and thus the cycle of addiction, and the resulting billion-dollar industry.

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