Another hit to the drug capital of Canada, Fort-McMurray

Since the opening of the oil fields and mining operations, Fort McMurray has had its share of strangers arriving for work. This recent drug bust in Fort McMurray opened a platform to comment about the area.


With the hard work comes some real hard playing. Over the years things have not changed much; back in the day there were no drugs but you could find a saloon and some real strong whiskey, a bunch of guys to play some poker or black jacks with and after the game maybe buy a sweet smelling whore to sooth the aching muscles before your next shift.


Today the story is the same; people come from all over Canada to get a good paying hard working job. With twenty-one days in and three or four days out of camp not much different from back in the day. But now there is one difference, there is money clawing leeches all around such areas of the north called, drug dealers.


The drug dealer knows where the money is and will stop at nothing to get his product in the hands of the unsuspecting money earning worker. There are so many drugs in and around Fort McMurray that personnel turn around is one of the highest in the country. The drug rehab centers can’t even keep up with the demand for drug addiction treatment programs. And the local law enforcement will stop one dealer and two more spring up.


Praying on the honest worker’s income to make money by selling him or her illicit drugs to alleviate their loneliness, their fears and stresses resulting in addiction is just plain evil. You will also notice that any time the law enforcement officers close down a crack house dealer, or a bar lingering cocaine peddler the better off Fort McMurray becomes.


The drug dealer doesn’t care about your marriage, your job or your health; his or her sole intention is to sell drugs no matter who or how, because the drug dealer is so consumed by drugs he or she cannot think in terms of anything else.


So the next time you see a drug dealer in a bar or you know of a co-worker getting sucked into the world of drug addiction tell someone who can do something about it, tell the local police where the drug dealers are, tell the law enforcement who is doing it and get the stuff out of our businesses and communities.


Just like the recent drug bust in Fort McMurray, someone tipped off the police and the bust was executed; now maybe a few more lives will be spared. Don’t ever be afraid to speak out and stand up and disagree with things that are more harmful than beneficial.


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