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Drug-free Day Canada!

Happy Canada Day will be shouted by everyone, from Halifax Nova Scotia to Victoria BC this July first. Canada day celebrates the confederation of the various provinces into a united country and each year in cities and communities from coast to coast various celebrations will be organized and bring cheers to all.

Many of these events include concerts from well-known international Canadian artists and some not-so-well-known artists for everyone to enjoy and celebrate. In most large or small social events, such as these, various types of drinks are raised but this also attracts the dealers of black market drugs for quick and easy distribution.



When one looks back in history it can be found that all great events include some form of mind-altering substance, usually, alcohol is the choice substance. It’s legal, it’s cheap and it creates an altered state of mind pretty quick. A little will make one giddy, a bit more causes drowsiness, and too much makes one sick.

Alcohol is a depressant, it burns up B vitamins, especially B1; not to mention the number of minerals that are also used up. People under the influence of alcohol tend to either be one of two ways; very depressed or very loud and hostile.

The effects on the body are obvious to anyone living with an alcoholic, but the effects on the mind are even more devastating. People who abuse alcohol will find that their memories get jumbled, the past is mixed with the present and the present is thrown into the future and the future is mushed up with the person’s imagination and mental fabrications.

If you ever tried to speak with an intoxicated alcoholic you will soon discover whatever you say or do the person misinterprets the words and actions to fit their own jumble ideas of situations. Celebrations with alcohol should always be accompanied by moderation; the ability to say no and always have someone named as designated driver.


Illicit Drugs

The same can be said for illicit drugs. Whether the drug is marijuana, crack cocaine, prescription pills of the opioid family, and everything in between. Just like alcohol drugs have their desired effects. Some drugs used in very small quantities will cause immediate euphoria or high for the person. Others will cause a high followed by paranoia, but this effect is short-lived and more drugs are taken to again feel that brief feeling of great overwhelming power and disconnected freedom.

Though this is the initial desire of anyone wanting to free themselves of some hidden unwanted pain, whether emotional or physical, you can be assured of one thing; it is always short-lived. As more drugs are used the body begins to replace natural supplements such as vitamins, proteins and minerals with toxic substances. This exchange creates a physical dependency with painful effects when the drug is not taken.

Whereas it also does a whole lot of nasty, unimaginable things to the mind. Loss of memory is the mild end of drug use, long term causes psychological effects that can become permanent in some drug addicts. Aside from the blank memories, drugs will overlap certain memory incidents and make the past get mixed with other parts of the past that should not be related and the list goes on. It’s clear, drugs are bad for people in general.


Canada Day

Canada day is for the pride of being Canadian, it’s standing up and proud with other Canadians and saying “we are Canadian and will continue to be Canadian”. But this is all in jeopardy if we permit our family, friends and even fellow Canadians to continue to struggle with drug addiction. Say No to Drugs and Alcohol abuse. If you need help with substance abuse call a drug rehab center referral counsellor at 1-888-488-8434


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