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What happens to a society on drugs?

You hear it on the news; read about it on the internet, we watch it on YouTube and hundreds of other media to find out about DRUGS. You may think you know all there is about drugs, whether good opinion or bad one, drugs are a major topic on a lot of people’s minds these days. Drugs are so in the news that even our prime minister Stephen Harper has stepped up to speak about drugs. There is a reason that drugs have received a worldwide platform.


In any good debate there must be this component; controversy. Drugs over the years have grown in controversy quite a bit even more than subjects like gun control or abortion and such. But depending on who you ask about drugs some will have a bad opinion on drugs while another will have a good one. Break this down a bit more and we find out that the first person smokes marijuana and occasionally will do a few lines of Cocaine with his bottle of beer accompanied by a few of his buddies and has a good opinion on drugs. The other person who may have had a good friend die from Heroin overdose will most likely state that drugs are bad.


So if much of the controversy on drugs depends on personal experience or opinion, which is just an expression of experience, then we can agree that the debate on drugs worldwide is attempting to work out and balance the good versus the bad drug experiences. The only problem with that logic is that every year there are more and more people on drugs and we’re not just speaking of street drugs were adding all the misdiagnosed cases on drugs for depression, sleep issues, stress, AD this and AD that and DD this. Add those to the statistics of drugs pumped into billions of human beings every day of the year and we suddenly have a different picture of society on DRUGS.


Now, this is NOT talking of drugs as medication for healing an actual virus, to undergo some surgery or drug for a skin condition. The drug added to illicit drugs includes those medications given to kids in schools at 5 years old because the child has a lot of energy to burn up. There are presently in North America countless millions of children being misdiagnosed with some mental disorder and prescribed medications. These medications dull the senses. It has also been documented that 7 out of 10 drug addicts are or were on some form of anti-depressant prior to or while using illicit drugs.


Something to think about


If a society can be drugged sufficiently then it can become dull enough to be ordered around and actually be run like an automaton. A drugged society is a dead society; a drug addict has lost his self-determinism. Drug a society; kill its self-determinism and the playing field for control is wide open.


Pot, cocaine, crack, alcohol, aspirins, oxys, ecstasy, Tylenol 3, Prozac, Xanax, and the list just goes on; ALL DRUGS, poison to a human body, a tiny bit stimulates, a larger amount sedates, too many kills. In any language of any country on earth, drug abuse does not discriminate; its only purpose is to propagate more drugs. Do your fellow mankind and you a favour and support any local drug-free earth campaign, make a choice, be free, be human and be alive.


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