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Drugs, Politics and You

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Politicians, Drugs and You

You are the public; you are the voter and the individual in this society who put your trust in the politician you believe to best serve the interest of your community. Yet suddenly we find the media bombarding us daily with city mayors using illicit drugs who promises to get addiction treatment. Another one, south of the border, arrested for drug possession and distribution of Oxycontin.

Also, a congressman was brought to light for cocaine use and given a leave of absence to seek drug addiction rehab. These are the politicians that we know about due to the media letting the public know. But how many are still in office that have not been caught yet?

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Addiction and Social Background

Addiction has no consideration as to social status, cultural background, age or sexual gender or orientation. Drugs and alcohol addiction do not suddenly, one day to the next, magically appear. Even though the media defusing the news makes it sound all of a sudden and “oh, my God-ish.”

The fact is that someone close to the person being reported knew about the drug addiction before it became public knowledge. And quite possibly contributed to the persons continued use in some fashion or other. Drug addiction begins at the moment a person finds themselves seeking a solution to some unwanted personal condition.

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When Did this Occur?

This is as simple as the person realizes they have a headache, and then asking themselves “when did this start? Did I bump my head somewhere? No”. The pain becomes more intense; the person requires a solution, ah yes, thanks to multi-million dollars pharmaceutical industry there is such a solution; “pain killers!” There are so many commercial drugs for pain suppression.

But what about the person with a personal complex, such as being overweight or some visible embarrassing skin scar. Or the person is having difficulty dealing with the loss of a relative, a divorce, etc. There are thousands of possible reasons for someone to use drugs especially recreational drugs.

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Drugs Including Alcohol Create a Desired Effect

Drugs, like any poison, will cause an effect on the body and mind of the person taking it. Recreational illicit drugs or alcohol are used as a solution to overcome this unwanted condition. Even if only temporary relief is achieved it is desirable by those indulging in illicit drug use.

People use drugs and alcohol for as many reasons as there are people abusing these. Each person will have their own reason(s) why they began to use drugs. But that reason is now buried somewhere under all the years of drug abuse and can only be reached once the addiction has been addressed.

Seeking Better Solutions

It does not matter whether you’re a politician, a doctor, a schoolteacher or even a CEO of some multinational corporation, drug addiction can and will cost you much suffering and possibly your complete livelihood.

When you have a personal problem or some unexplainable situation with no immediate solution, talk to someone you trust, talk to your local minister, school counselor, a close friend or family member, don’t bottle it up or else you will soon find it unbearable to live with and most likely seek a drug solution.

Needed Support to Stay in Control

If you need help with drug addiction or someone you know who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you need to call a drug addiction referral counsellor. Or you can at least consider that you need to talk with someone about your condition before it goes public. The media will have a field day with your life. there are people who truly care and will help, but you need to make the first move.

Call a counsellor; they will help you get the needed addiction treatment so you can enjoy life and not hide from the truth but face it head-on with a smile. Be drug-free today and live for tomorrow.

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