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Importance of Environment

Struggles with Addiction & Recovery

When a person is struggling with drug addiction or alcohol abuse and needs help, the first thing on their mind is getting through the physical and emotional pain. Following the attempt to quit their substance of choice comes withdrawal symptoms. Anyone who has ever been through a withdrawal period can attest to its discomforts. A drug rehabilitation center’s environment is important.

Various professional addiction counsellors have observed this; the drug rehab center’s environment is just as vital as the drug rehab center program itself. Whenever an addict enters a program at a drug rehab center, they know that they are putting their life into the hands of professionals. Unfortunately, some facilities don’t have the funding to upgrade their surroundings.

Rundown Environments & Drug Rehab Centers

Many addicted people will experience crack houses and rundown drug dealer apartments. In most cases, the familiar environment of the addict is less than hygienic. When drugs take over a person’s lifestyle, they begin to not care about their person or area. This gets so bad that even those they expect to care for, like children and pets, are often ignored or left to fend for themselves. And their environment is not adequately dealt with and can be seen to degrade to a marked degree.

When seeking help from a professional drug rehab center, one does not expect the environment to resemble crack houses. This type of surrounding only distracts the addict from recovery as it reminds them of how things were. And seeing that this is how things are, does not aid in increasing confidence in recovery. You would think that this is an exaggeration, but it’s not. Poorly kept facilities offering addiction treatment will have less than promising results.

Private Drug Rehab Centers in Canada

Over the years, there has been an increase in private treatment facilities opening across Canada. Many of these are affordable and have a higher success rate than the traditional public access rehab centers. One of the main differences is the environment. These private facilities are bright, clean, and well-organized programs. You will find fresh bedding, well-kept grounds, functional appliances, etc.

When you bring an addicted person into a clean and orderly environment, the person tends to join in the upkeep and maintenance of their personal space. When the facility has broken plates, scratch-up furniture, stained bedding or uncomfortable beds, you can’t expect a person to feel some kind of pride of ownership. Therefore they do not take any responsibility for the appearance or upkeeping.

Clean Environment Rehab

Give a person a new and acceptable area to recover, not necessarily an upscale one, and you will see a shift in attitude. The person’s “I don’t care” attitude will change into a willingness to rise to the occasion. They will feel it is upon them to show they are good people. There is a shift in viewpoint.

A simple, clean, and well-organized environment will do miracles for an addict. Each individual understands that it stays that way because of the efforts of each resident of the program. The recovering addict has a responsibility for the facility’s upkeep. This philosophy aims to achieve self-worth; ownership and participation will enhance self-confidence. The actual program schedule and structure will do the rest.

Drug Rehab Center Referral Help

If you or someone close has a choice between a community or a private drug rehab, you should check both out. If the center does not provide tours, you should cancel that facility choice. A visit to any center should be part of their service. Call our referral counsellor for assistance in locating a suitable drug rehab.

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