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When a person is struggling with their drug addiction or alcohol abuse and need drug rehabilitation the first thing that is normally on their mind is to get through the physical and emotional pain that follows the attempt to quit their substance of choice. Anyone who has ever been through a withdrawal period of some opiate addiction can attest to the terrible discomforts associated with such action, the environment of the drug rehab center in which it is done is important.


This has been observed by various professional addiction counselors; the drug rehab center’s environment is just as vital as the drug rehab center program itself. Whenever an addict enters a program at a drug rehab center they know that they are putting their life into the hands of professionals. Though, unfortunately some facilities don’t have the funding to upgrade their surroundings.



Rundown Environments & Drug Rehabs

Many drug addicts will have some experience with crack houses, and rundown drug dealer apartments. The usual environment of the addict is less then hygienic, their living quarter have been abandoned. This is normally due to the lack of responsibility and carelessness that comes with drug addiction. When drugs take over a person’s lifestyle they begin to not care about their person or the areas around them. This gets so bad that even those they are expected to care for like children and pets are often ignored or left to fend for themselves and their own environment is not properly dealt with and can be seen to degrade to a marked degree.


For an addicts seeking help from a professional drug rehab one does not expect the environment to resemble a crack houses. This type of surrounding only distracts the addict from recovery as they are constantly reminded of the way things were and seeing that this is how things are does not aid to increase confidence in recovery. You would think that this is an exaggeration, but it’s not, there are facilities offering addiction treatment that are so badly kept that the results are less then hopeful. Then there are the other type of drug rehab centers that are nowhere close to a drug addict’s usual environment.



Private Drug Rehab Center in Canada

Over the year there has been an increase in private treatment facilities opening up across Canada. Many of these are affordable and have a higher rate of success then the traditional government funded drug rehabs. One of the main differences is the environment, these private facilities are bright, clean, well-organized programs. You will find fresh bedding, well-kept grounds, functional appliances, etc.


When you bring a drug addict into a clean and orderly environment the person tends to join in the upkeep and maintenance of their personal space. When the area is presented with chipped plates, scratch up furniture, stained bedding or uncomfortable beds you can’t expect a person to feel some kind of pride or ownership and therefore they do not take any responsibility in the appearance or up keeping.



Clean Environment Drug Rehab

Give a person who has dropped down to the attitude of “I don’t care”, a new and acceptable area to recover (not necessarily an upscale one), where they are given a chance to show they are good people; you get immediate shift in view and they become willing to rise to a more social level. Just a simple clean and well organized environment that is expected to stay that way and that each recovering addict has a responsibility to the facility’s upkeep will go far in achieving recovery as responsibility will raise their level of self-worth, ownership and participation will enhance their self-confidence. The actual program schedule and structure will do the rest.


Drug Rehab Center Referral Help

If you or someone close is faced with a choice of just any other drug rehab and a private drug rehab; it is advised you check out the private drug rehab center and the other options and take a tour of both, if you are told that there are no tours then cancel that facility from your choice. ALL drug rehabs can be visited prior to intake. Your recovery may depend on the space you stay. Call our drug rehab center referral counselor for assistance in locating a suitable drug rehab, dial 1-888-488-8434


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