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Happy Father’s Day

Vancouver Eastside Injection Clinic

It’s a beautiful sunny morning on the 16th of June, it’s father’s day and Pete has just woken from a hard enforce sleep. He gathers his things and begins his walk on this wonderful morning towards his, what he calls his office. But this particular morning Pete is having some very indifferent thoughts about his son. Why would I be thinking about Jason he poses to himself?

It’s been some time since he has seen Jason due to Pete’s daily office schedule. He figures Jason must be about ten by now. Ah, enough of this Pete tells himself, get on with the job at hand. As he heads to the office he passes by a large show window and sees a reflection of himself. Hum, Pete ponders the image he sees, hair is not that bad a bit long but, he moves closer to look at some facial details and notices a few wrinkles around the eyes.

Again he snaps himself away from the image of the past youth and dredges on towards the office with his belongings used in his everyday practice. Ah, two more street corners he thinks, I’m almost there. As he crosses the next street on his way to his destination Pete has a fleeting encounter with a beautiful woman with long dark brown hair and eyes, oh, such life in her eyes and a smile that would ease even the greatest of warriors. Gone, Pete dares not look back as the woman continues her way. Why was I so taken to such beauty he asks of himself?

The memory of a woman surfaces, Pete had once loved, the mother of his son, Jason. Sabrina, Pete realizes he had almost forgotten her name it has been so long. Pete suddenly smacks himself on the head telling him he’s getting soft, hurray get to the office.

As he arrives at the corner where the office is Pete stops. He looks around and sees people moving about this lovely sunny morning, taxis, buses and automobiles rushing around to specific destinations. He looks up and sees blue sky and tall buildings and skyscrapers as Pete reflects on a life he once had. “GET TO THE OFFICE,” an unseen voice tells him. He begins the final steps towards the office, ten feet left, 3-feet, reaches for the handle of the office entrance when suddenly out of nowhere; “NO DAD! Please, enough is enough, please don’t”

Pete almost jumped out of his snake-like skin, but could not move at the sight of his own son Jason. Pete froze on the spot at the door of his office. “Dad, I know this is not your ‘office’ but a free community injection clinic. You can’t keep doing this every day; I need you to be my dad again. Please, I found a great place for you to get help and they are waiting for you, Come, com’ on”, as Jason yanked at Pete’s sleeve, he followed. And from the corner of his sights he could see a wonderful woman; Sabrina, wiping the tears of a happy father’s day at the eastside Vancouver injection clinic.

Real Purpose

The only real purpose for community injection clinics is “harm reduction”. It does not however address the real problem; drug addiction. In fact it simply permits the drug addiction to be carried on in a more sophisticated manner. Yes, there are those counsellors who will attempt some type of reform with people like Pete entering the clinic for their daily shot of heroin or other illicit drugs, which by the way is purchased illegally on the streets of Vancouver and was most likely obtained from some drug trafficking criminal gang circle. That was financing some other large, out-of-country drug lord who in turn was financing a possible terrorist group bent on destroying hundreds of thousands of innocent people in some far off country.

Hum, harm reduction ay. Well ask yourself what kind of harm reduction would happen If our government can finance a free drug injection clinic then why not finance a free drug addiction treatment clinic, that is fast, can handle hundreds of clients per month and would actually get the job done.



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