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Dead with needle in arm, Fentanyl

For anyone who needs help with a drug addiction to heroin call  and our heroin addiction counselors will help you get into a suitable drug rehab center today.

The new trend is a dangerous combination of heroin and Fentanyl. Recent deaths in Vermont where a drug addict addicted to heroin has been found with the needle still in their vein laced with Fentanyl, a drug used to treat cancer patients and many times more potent then heroin. Drug addicts with heroin addiction are being warned by law enforcement media in Vermont to be extremely cautious when using heroin. There is no clue where the source of this new potent heroin is coming from though there have been over 20 recent deaths related to the use of Fentanyl in Pennsylvania.


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Heroin Fentanyl  deadly mix
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It only takes a few grains of Fentanyl to cause extreme high and the unpredictable side effects make this new street drug a danger to any heroin addict. Anyone not familiar with drug addiction will question a person who resorts to drug abuse to cope with daily affairs. In fact this is not much different than a local business man who comes home after a stressful day at work takes a few glasses of hard liquor to ease the stress. Anyone who turns to some toxic substance to ease their life situations is in fact on the road to drug addiction.

People turn to drugs or alcohol because of some personal painful situation. This pain can be emotional or physical; it can be related to some death of a loved one, or the loss of a relationship or just to cope with loneliness. Drug and alcohol tend to mask painful situations from the person’s awareness, at least as long as the drug produces a desired effect, when this wears off, more and more drugs are taken and the body becomes accustomed to it thus the cycle of drug addiction.

Why wait until someone you know is lying on the floor with a needle in their arm to act and do something to help them overcome their drug addiction.

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