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Krokodil, Fact or Fiction?

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Krokodil, Fact or Fiction?

The national news has covered the stories, the local broadcasters have published the photos and the story continues to spread across North America. Krokodil is a drug that originated in Russia.

The poor quality of life, bad economic situation and poverty are the ingredients for extreme solutions to the existing drug addiction problems faced by hundreds of thousands of drug-addicted people each day in Russia and surrounding countries.

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It's Birthplace

The main pipeline of drugs throughout Russia for many years has been heroin; that would come up from Afghanistan. When things get as they are in Russia’s present society and the heroin addict has no money to pay for his or her daily dose of heroin and even selling one’s body no longer produces the funds needed to pay for their high, the extreme solutions come forth. This is the birthplace of the Krokodil drug, at least its explosive use and destructive nature.

 household products.

Components of the Drug

Russian began to make synthesized Heroin at home by using pharmaceutical drugs such as Codeine and household products. Krokodil as a chemical fabrication by a non-qualified heroin addict is nothing more than some Codeine and anything else one can find such as gasoline, hydrochloric acid, and red phosphorus.

These chemicals are basically poisoning not unlike Heroin or cocaine, or alcohol; all have a toxic effect on the human brain and physical body. The big difference is that some chemicals are more toxic in small quantities, and others are deadlier in the long run. Some drugs kill you quickly others take years.

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Toxicity of Krokodil

It wasn’t long before the drug became news and with our present-day media speedway such as internet and satellite TV, etc. the news of Russian heroin users and the severe side effect of this homemade drug called Krokodil was unlike anything seen before.

Medical toxicologists were writing papers studying the effects and emergency wards were treating cases one after another. Of course, when you create a sensational story it goes viral and it’s only a matter of time before some American heroin addict tries to make his own batch of Krokodil.

Epidemic in Russia, What About Canada?

Krokodil has been seen in very sporadic spots across the US and Canada, but nothing of the magnitude that it was in Russia. Jacob Sullum of Forbes well stated on this subject that a case of Krokodil would be seen in Colorado and then made into an international scare.

With the amount of cheap and available heroin on the streets of American and Canadian cities alike it goes without saying that it’s unlikely that an epidemic will happen in North America as it did in Russia.

But it does show another side of addiction, without proper drug rehab centers and drug addiction treatment programs a person can go to extreme to avoid the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms of heroin or any other drug for that matter.

Krokodil is just one example of what can happen, Bath Salts is another example of someone going to extremes to get a high. Alcohol vapours are again another example of finding ways to avoid life situations and escaping into the world of drug effects to deal with those daily problems.

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