Legal or not legal, that is the question

Anyone who has struggled with a drug addiction can attest to the consequences of using drugs of whatever kind. Most of us are aware that individuals in our present society have succeeded in convincing enough people in some states and certain countries to legalize marijuana. As foreseen last year it would not be long before this subject was brought to the door steps of our own Canadian government.


Most laws are brought about by pressure groups, lobbyist and of course courts of justice. If a defense attorney’s argument about legalizing marijuana is so compelling in a court room and the prosecution is not as eloquent then the judge is somewhat bound to go with the more convincing argument. This is not a question of whether it is right or wrong, legal or not legal, good or bad; it simply is our present justice system.


Marijuana has been around since the time before the Pharos. Many cultures used its potent ingredient, THC, for medicinal purposes or religious rites. None of which by the way were done on a daily basis. Marijuana and its active ingredient, THC has also been the forerunner of addiction for many addicts to stronger drugs like, cocaine, crack, oxy’s and ecstasy etc.


With all the controversy about Marijuana and whether to legalize it or not in Canada we tend to omit the real issues underlying it all and the philosophy that shaped our country. The fact that Marijuana has shown to have certain medicinal factors as mentioned above is not unknown, the only difference is the amount of diagnosed conditions to which marijuana is prescribed.


The real issue that should be understood is what makes something good or bad. Courts and governments need to weigh out the benefits and harm of marijuana, not only for self but for all aspects of life. Anyone of us can ask the question “is marijuana beneficial?” and then weigh this question for you, than your family, kids, wife, etc, your co-workers, employers, productivity and also for mankind in general. If it causes more harm then good then you can conclude it is bad.


Once a drug is legalized, no matter how many rules you add to its legalization it’s only a matter of time before it become as recreation as alcohol. And we all know the trouble our society has with alcohol. Is the question about marijuana really a legal or not legal question or is it more about benefits and harms.


Should marijuana be legal or not legal in Canada? Just visit any of the thousands of drug addiction treatment centers across Canada and talk to the counselors and recovering addicts. The answer to the question will become quite clear.



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