Vancouver drug bust secures community for now

Major Drug Bust in BC


A major drug bust was conducted this month on Vancouver Island and is considered a major blow to the drug trafficking criminals. Whereas it was quite a significant amount that was seized and it most likely did create some upset in the drug trafficking world, how long will it be before someone else steps up to replace those arrested?


Drug enforcement is a required activity to keep the drug trafficking in check but let’s face it, those persons who embark on the adventure of growing Marijuana, or importing Cocaine, or setting up a lab and making their own Crystal-Meth are putting the community at risk. Drug addiction treatment centers across the country have documented the consequences of drug addiction. A drug addict as their substance abuse increases so do they lose their self worth, sense of right and wrong and lack of responsibility for consequences.


When drug addicts set up to begin a distribution shop of any form of illicit drug this creates insecurity in the community. This will affect your children and young adults alike. Most dealers will begin with the local bars, and then it’s onto schools, and parks, concerts, out door events, etc.


Drug rehab centers and drug addiction treatment programs are not only there to get drug addicts off of drugs but should also have a mandate in their establishments to do drug prevention and education across the community. As a responsible citizen you should be aware of the signs that tell you something illegal is going on. For instance, if you see a house where there is a lot of body traffic of suspicious individuals, there is a good chance that there is a dealer there. Or you may notice dangerous chemical containers being left around the house outside in plain view; this could be a sign of a Meth amphetamine lab.


In any case you should notify the authorities about your suspicion, who knows you may just save someone’s life. Be active in your community and maybe your tips to the drug enforcement officers will bring down more drug trafficking rings. Also get connected to your local drug addiction treatment centers and find out how you can help bring understanding to other about the consequences of drug addiction. Even if you simply distribute drug education pamphlets this is doing something about the drug problem on Vancouver Island, help stop drug addiction get involved.





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