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Medical marijuana;

Medical marijuana

what’s the deal?

It’s on TV and in the papers, special reports turn it into a major national discussion, legislators’ debate for months about it and talk show hosts make fun of it; wherever we look the trending medical marijuana issue is in the front line.


It’s not necessary to get into the history of marijuana, otherwise known as weed, pot, skunk, and so many other street terms to describe a plant with properties that when ingested cause physical and psychological alteration to any individual that tries it. Whereas, not that long ago it was quite illegal to possess, use, grow or distribute this substance and it still is in many part of the world.


That someone has been able to convince and demonstrate that some slight relief to people suffering from a medical procedure or condition does not make it any less harmful in its basic nature. Even just recently there is great concern from a community about a medical marijuana cultivation depot, in a private home, right next to a grade school establishment. The complaint is the exhaust from this cultivation depot where the weed is being grown can be smelled by children and residents alike. The fact that there is no legal jurisprudence about the location or the legal foothold the owners have should not stop a community from requesting something be done about it, and insist it is done.


Though there is much evidence to support the use of medical marihuana, for people suffering from cancer treatment, HIV and other life-threatening diseases and that it brings about some form of relief other than morphine or other potent chemical compounds may be acceptable. But this can also be a simple stepping stone to accepting it to “treat” other non-life-threatening illnesses. There are researchers right this moment that are actually attempting to justify its use for dozens of other physical and psychological use. The fact that one can say “I feel less ‘stressed out’ when I smoke marijuana and therefore have a medical condition of anxiety and that permits me to have a marijuana card” would also be admitting “I do not have the skills to deal with daily stressful conditions at work or in personal affairs and it is a medical condition”. It would think that this person may be better suited to work leisurely in a field picking organic fruit, not with the stock market.


The bottom line is; if someone is dying and wants to at least keep some of their wits about them, and if the choice was between morphine and marijuana, well the better choice would not be the less harmful ones. Some of the drugs given when a person is at death’s door are quite severe. Our society at this time is so dependent on drugs and pharmaceuticals that we have entered a biochemical age; a pill to sleep, a pill to perk up, a line to calm down and a drink to take the edge of the day. From as young as 11 years old smoking a joint or having a beer just to be accepted all the way up to age 65 and older taking a small blue pill in order to have an erection, and everything in between.


It should be noted here that when a society is being drugged to such an extent as this one is, aside from the fact that someone is making enormous amounts of money off others suffering; is the control factor enters the picture. The more a society is under some chemical influence for whatever justified reason, the easier it is to convince the members of that society to do as dictated by the powers of newspapers, radio and TV. So are you part of the “biochemical hypnotics” or are you a member of the witty, awake and knowing society? How you treat your body and mind will increase or decrease your spiritual ability to change the world for better or for worse. Live drug-free and win.


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