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Christmas Office Party

Drugs, Alcohol & the Rest

We are now on the doorsteps of entering the holiday season. This is such a great time of the year. Companies across the nation in every province from British Columbia to Nova Scotia including the Yukon will be working out the details in the next weeks to come for their employee Christmas office party. Unfortunately every year there are also some undesirable guests that show up like, Mr. Cocaine, Sir Pot & of course the life of the party Miss Alcohol.


There is nothing wrong with celebrations to acknowledge fellow workers and to wish everyone a good year to come. The issue that has been in question is those parting people that just can’t enjoy a good time without a fountain of beer or hard liquor and for the others, it’s the avalanche of cocaine or intoxicating pot smoke. Over the years there has been great attention on safe celebrations, the main media on this is not to drink and drive, this is now extended to driving under the influence of any mind-altering substance.


It is quite certain that you have known someone who is having a good time at the office Christmas party who then goes one step further and has those extra cheers that suddenly turn this person into someone very different. Alcohol will do that, think of it this way; a few drinks stimulate and give one a cheery type of slight euphoria, a few more drinks becomes a depressant and you can observe a sluggish, slurring appearance add a few more shots and you turn this person’s demeanour into a form of psychosis, a sort of insanity.


This last state of being is the one that causes fights, unrelated derogatory comments, bad manners and out of place behaviour and the worse; self-destructive motivation to drive home in this condition. You as a fellow worker must do all you can to discourage such actions for the safety of the person and everyone else. It is best to tell the person that the extra drink is not needed. Office Christmas celebrations have a lot more memories and enjoyable moments. Specifically when everyone can say they had a real good time without the negative comments about so and so.


As a group, you can set up a few designated drivers and the company can set aside funds for gas and so forth. This is actually very successful and gives everyone a chance to enjoy themselves and also be at work the next workday to talk about how wonderful the party was. Drugs and alcohol have their uses in very specific circumstances like someone going into an operation would require some type of drug. Alcohol works great as a substitute to disinfect a wound when no other disinfectant is available, it also preserved dead tissue pretty well.


In conclusion, this year when your office Christmas party is established be sure to include designated drivers, take away anyone’s car keys that is obviously over the legal limit, curb your staff’s alcohol consumption by not having “open bars” and stay away from drugs of any kind. Remember every time you buy drugs you are contributing to a worldwide drug trafficking organization that includes countless lives lost and suffering from those family members that have to deal with a loved one addicted to some illicit drug. If you need help with drug addiction or someone you know who is addicted to drugs or alcohol call a drug addiction placement counsellor, he or she will help you get the needed addiction treatment so you to can enjoy this festive season.


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