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Some Clarification on Opiates

If you or someone close is struggling with drug addiction of some sort, please call this toll free number; 1-888-488-8434 and speak with an experienced drug rehab referral counselors who will answer all your questions as best they can. They will propose various options to help you decide how best to deal with someone’s drug or alcohol addiction.

Opiate, is not a drug in itself but a term use to describe a drug. The term opiate means: relating to, resembling, or containing opium, in medicine this word describes any of the narcotic drugs found as natural products in the opium poppy plant. It’s any medication as prescribed by a physician, containing opium or its derivative. It’s used in medicine as an aid to induce sleep or to relieve pain. There are thousands of drugs or medications that are classified as opiates.

Poppy flower in bloom
Poppy Flower
A natural opiate would include; Morphine and codeine. Then there are the semi-synthetic opioids like: Heroin, Oxycodone, hydrocodone, buprenorphine, etc. followed by the synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl, methadone and Meperidine, etc. From these you have a variety of brand names. Opiates have been around for centuries, use by all types of cultures up to the present as a means to induce sleep and overcome pain. The painful condition a person is subjected to is as varied as there are people. The main use is for physical pain, but in our present society the idea of “getting high” by use of some substance that is intended to ease pain from an operation or a strenuous task or exertion from a sports activity is nonsense. People do not actually get high, they get numb, become wooden, stupid, clumsy, forgetful and many other side effects.
In our present culture when a person experiences some unpleasant moment, whether physical or emotional instead for facing the facts and dealing with it the majority seek out a quick fix. Modern doctors will tell you “take 2 a day for a week” and hands you a prescription. The two “pain killers” per day give the person some temporary relief but as the pain returns more pills are taken. The organism does not produce such chemicals but has its own repair mechanism with its proteins and minerals, etc. The more opioids a person takes the less the body produces natural repair substance, the solution is to take more opioids. The organism now becomes dependent on this external substance, which slowly destroys the natural building blocks of a body and when no opiate is given the body reacts violently. This is now a new condition called drug addiction.

The moment a person is not willing to experience a situation, no matter how bad it may seem, and deal with it in a proper manner but instead searches out some chemical solution, he or she is heading toward a lifetime of constant pain and sorrow. A lost love does not get handled with a pill or glass of wine, a destroyed home will not be rebuilt with a line of cocaine and a child’s abuse does not disappear by taking methamphetamine just as a broken tibia will not suddenly become new again because a person is taking hydro-morphine. The opioid drugs have a specific use, and yes a person will be quite please to take it when his arm was broke or was amputated, but more importantly is dealing with the new condition not using chemicals to compensate for one’s lack of confront and courage to face life head on.

Opiates? They have their use. But happiness and the joy of living with all emotions is way better than a lifetime of suffering and slow death.