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Opiates killed 700 people in past 5 years in Quebec alone

Recent investigation in opiate related deaths in Quebec as reported by the Journal de Montreal has brought to light alarming news in opiate abuse. This investigation has noted from 2000 to 2009 it discovered a 10% rise in opiate related deaths and the average opiate deaths are numbered at 139 per year. Anyone in the field of drug abuse and drug addiction treatment can state that opiate addiction is a dangerous affaire to say the least.

But not all these deaths were from illicit opiate abuse on the contrary; opiate drugs like Oxycodone, Percocet, Tylenol and even morphine and Dilaudid are amongst the opiates that are prescribed to patients. These drugs were prescribed by some physician to help a person deal with some physical pain during recovery; the study also shows that the age groups most affected were people between the ages of 50 and 64. When broken down one will find the percentage of men with opiate related deaths around 21% whereas or women it was around 14%. This is a subject of great concern and one of the reasons behind these deaths is misuse of ordinance.

Many people prescribed some opiate for managing their physical pain are also on some other medication or they mix with alcohol, etc. A more known fact by substance abuse treatment professionals is that a person prescribed some opiate drug such as Oxy’s or Percocet’s, etc. will discover that the body builds a tolerance to such drugs and the person begins alter the ordinance and begins to double up on the dosage. This is the point when it becomes a grave danger for the person’s health and addiction can set in.

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Canada World Leader in Opiates Abuse

Considering that in the same study it‘s noted that Canada is the second country with highest level of opiate use in the world. It goes to show what has been known by drug addiction professional for years, anyone with some physical or emotional pain, depression or some unknown ailment will seek a relief to their condition. Drugs such as opiates will bring about momentary relief from this discomfort. This is the drugs purpose to bring relief temporarily while the body recovers. But when the drug wears off the pain returns and more doses are taken usually above what has been prescribed.

This also takes into account those opiate related deaths due to illicit abuse of such drugs. Anyone addicted to morphine or heroin will also find them in a position where the dose taken is not sufficient to mask the painful emotions or feelings and when too much is taken the drug will simply over depress the central nervous system and respiratory system causing failure to these vital organs resulting in death.

Government representatives should review their tough laws on Opiate type drugs and realize there are other options. The body has a natural ability to regenerate and with proper nutrition and extra minerals and proteins, pain would be tolerable without the excessive use of pain suppressors.

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Source: https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2014/01/16/hausse-dramatique-des-deces-lies-a-la-morphine-et-la-codeine
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