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My doctor is a dealer

It was two years ago today that I went to see my family doctor about some uncomfortable issues going on with me. I could not understand why I didn’t like my life; I had a good job, a loving husband and two wonderful kids. Yet as time went on I felt alone and not understood. My husband would ask me “what’s wrong?” when he would tell me about an invitation to friends for a dinner and I would sort of agreeably nod to partake. But I could not express what was bothering me.

When I entered my family doctor’s office I saw other women not much unlike myself, I guess I wasn’t alone in this condition. I remember sitting in his office after he did an overall physical check and found nothing out of the ordinary but suggested some blood test to be on the safe side. Near the end of the interview, I felt as if there was no solution to my state of mind. My doctor noticing my despair reached into his desk and pulled out a small container with little yellow pills in it.

He said, “You know it’s possible that you can alleviate some of the discomfort with this new product, just for women such as yourself”. Well I thought to myself that something had to be done; I suppose I could try it. As the weeks went by my condition was not getting better but began to have some pain in my neck and shoulders. I told my doctor about this and he prescribed some Percocet. For the next month or two I was taking the yellow pills and the Percocet. After a while I had some awful headaches and digestive issues. My doctor told me my blood results had not shown anything abnormal. He decided to prescribe some anti-depressants to the mix.

I voiced my concerns and he suggested to stop the yellow pills but to continue the Percocet with the anti-depressant. By the end of that year my husband could no longer take my condition and left us. My two daughters were now caring for mom who could no longer work. I decided to stop the anti-depressant medication but felt terrible and increased the Percocet prescription. Yet still not able to function my doctor decided to remove me from the Percocet and put me on Oxycodone. After 3 months on Oxy’s I was thin, not motivated and needing more Oxy’s than my doctor prescribed.

Today is two years since that first visit and I am hooked on Oxy’s, my two daughters are now with their father and I am slowly wasting away. Thankfully, my husband and daughters care enough about me that they have set me up with a drug rehab treatment facility to get off all drugs. I am not a drug addict, yet I am addicted to Oxy’s. How could this be? Oh ya, my doctor is a dealer…