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A Quality Drug Rehab Counsellor

Qualities Possessed by a Rehab Counsellor 

Five Qualities of a Drug Rehab Expert. A drug rehab expert should possess certain qualities. The following attributes should be present to get an excellent treatment program. While there exist different criteria for what constitutes “being an expert,” the following five conditions are extremely important.

  • Knowledge: The word “expert,” by definition, is someone who is very knowledgeable about a particular topic. Anyone claiming to be a drug rehab expert will be highly familiar not only with treating drug addiction but with drugs in general. Drugs cause many different physical and mental reactions in people. An expert in rehabilitation would have information on the various types of addictive drugs and the best treatment for each one.


  • Compassion: Understanding what a drug-addicted person is going through helps workers communicate and understand what the person is experiencing. Compassion should not be confused with having pity on or giving into a drug addict’s behaviour.


  • Individualized attention: Any expert knows that not all people are the same. Different people need someone who will listen to them and take stock of their views. In the case of a drug rehabilitation program, the addict may need more attention. A rehab expert would realize that there is a possibility to learn from every individual, including a drug addict. The treatment plan takes into consideration the individual who became addicted and should cater to that person.


  • Experience: Generally speaking, anyone boasting the title of expert has approximately ten years of experience. However, since it is not a requirement set in stone, many experts have less experience. There is no set rule for the number of years that constitutes being an expert. In drug rehabilitation, an acceptable amount of experience would be having dealt with a wide variety of drug addiction scenarios and patients. A definite bonus would be having been an addict personally, but, of course, that is also not a requirement.


  • High standards: Whether in the drug rehab field or any other, an expert will set high but obtainable goals and standards for themselves and their clients. A rehabilitation expert will try to expand their knowledge and hone their skills in dealing with people and on the best course of treatment for addictions. Their high standards for their clients will be in the form of objective, and assessment of each client’s situation, personality and mentality.

Drug Rehab Counsellor & Referral Agent

Drug Rehab referral specialists involve knowing about drugs and how they affect people—and dealing with people on a one-to-one basis. An expert will be able to better understand their client in their scope of caring for them. An expert in this field is definitely a people person and not so much a people pleaser. Being strict in a friendly way goes a long way in addiction recovery.