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For anyone who is suffering with a drug addiction help is available, thousands can attest that drug addiction can be beaten. It starts with a phone call, there is a way out, never lose hope.

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Over the past decades we have seen rises and drops in drug addiction on various levels. At one time it was Marijuana that was a major concern this moved over and Cocaine became the number one drug of choice for the North American population. Obviously this created a huge problem with drug addiction and forced law makers to crack down on illicit trafficking of cocaine. But not only did this affect the law makers and law enforcers but also those in the health departments.


Drug Addiction Future Trend
Drug Addiction Future Trend

A new form of drug addiction rose causing an increase in drug addicts needing help to overcome their drug addiction. New studies were done to discover the addictive qualities of cocaine and how to counter the effects with proper treatment, etc. The hallucinogenic drugs were also a major concern in the mid sixties and early seventies, Acid or LSD, peyote or mescaline, mushrooms and many other drugs were very popular amongst youth looking for a thrill ride. Though addicts of these drugs were less visible they existed none the less.


As time moves on drug addition and its counter part drug rehabs are in a constant battle to overwhelm each other. Illicit drug dealers continue to spread drugs on the streets, bars, clubs, schools, and anywhere that human suffering is searching for a form of relief. On the opposite side we have the drug rehab centers and drug addiction treatment programs on constant alert to come in aid of those who can no longer deal with their addiction and have lost all and live only by suffering through their drug addiction.


The wave of change is continuing as law enforcement becomes more vigilant and the penalties more severe new means to drug society are looked upon. Start by showing the benefit of “mild” drugs like marijuana in a medical capacity, get this approved. Now push for legalizing the drug called Marijuana, control it, tax it and drug your citizens. The other wave of recent change is why buy illicit drug when there are some available over the counter in pharmacies. It’s pretty easy for anyone to go and purchase Tylenol, Aleve and other pain suppressor medications, it’s the dosages now the make the difference. Another version is; a person can also simply go to their family doctor and mention some odd constant pain in their leg that in fact does not exist, and without any further follow up the doctor will prescribe Oxycodone or Percocet to this person. These are highly addictive medications, and closely related to Morphine and Heroin.


So the trends continue into the future, even though drugs were not as prevalent at the start of the 20th century alcohol was, which is simply a different form of drug. Heading into the 21st century we can expect a more sinister approach to drug addiction, the majority of the population realizes there is no benefit to drug addiction and or the use of mind altering substances. As sales drop and illicit drugs become less used a substitute will be searched such as being use in the USA today, fume inhalants, a new trending method to take alcohol without the physical damaging effects. One would need to research the effects on the mind, brain and lungs to make a decision of its benefits or non-benefits, in either case it is still a mind altering activity.


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