Halloween Drug Scare


Some year ago just around this time of year, me and some other buddies decided to do a real cool and special Halloween Party. Needless to say back then I was smoking a daily gram or two of weed or hashish and doing a couple of grams of coke on the weekend mixed with a case or two of beer. It was the “good ol’days”. Well we lived in a large apartment on the third floor and our neighbor, also a good contributor to our ongoing drug abuse indulgence was willing to open his apartment door for the party.



This scenario work on the basis that two large apartments sharing a front entry point and a double closed in balcony makes for one heck of a space to entertain. Well the drug and alcohol certainly gave a jump start to how we should decorate. It began with the stairwell, the wall were covered with bulrushes and long ragweed stems, we empty two large bags of dried leaves from top to bottom and booby trapped a step with an electrical switch that when stepped on no less then 500 watts of intense light was flashed on people as they entered. The rest was just as tricked out as can be.


It was the décor that set the pace to the success of this party until after midnight, at which point the regulars began to leave and the goblins came out. The door was open and soon anyone from the outside began to arrive. Now remember its Halloween and everyone is disguised. Soon there were so many Marijuana joints going around that I notice the 5 people I was talking with each had their own so I couldn’t pass my joint down the line. This was followed by lines of Cocaine being sniffed from one end of the apartment to the other. I suddenly realized that I only knew about 10% of the people present.


By three in the morning the crowed thinned out and still there were plenty of drugs to go around but now the witches potions began to brew, one was a joint with Pot, Hashish and cocaine, another began to mix his crack and some heroine. It wasn’t until I saw in the corner of the room a couple of guys with a hypodermic needle, a large soup spoon, some heroine and a bottle of Jack Daniel Whiskey. It took me a while to first see what was happening, then to assimilate the information and finally to correlate all the data to conclude this may not be a good idea. But by the time all the information travelled to my reactive thought processor to act it was too late both had already shot each their dose.


By the time I made it to the other side of the room, both were down on the ground break dancing on their backs in complete trance with the devil. I pulled a person from the crowd and asked if they knew anything about overdoses and how to handle, all I got was a blank trancelike stare. As I looked over at the two bodies still in trance with their demons, I knew my only option was to call 911, but with all the illicit drugs in the place I was unsure how this would all go down. I made the choice to kill the music and screamed out “the cops are on their way”. In less then five minutes the only people left were two buddies me and the two drugged zombies. When the medics arrived the two Zombies were taken to the ER. And the cops told me it could have been a serious issue had they died in my apartment, I could have been held criminally responsible. That day scared me straight and I have been clean since.


I am also advocating living drug free lives, and being a productive member of a society where life is worth living and Drugs are the devils trick or treat.


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