New Year’s Resolution Tips

New Year’s resolutions have been around for quite some time.

Well it’s that time of the year once again where hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people across the country decide “enough is enough of the past and now for the future”. New Year’s resolutions have been around for quite some time. This tradition actually dates back to the times of the Babylonians, some 4000 years ago. But the idea that the calendar is ending one period and beginning another that stimulates people to also put their lives into a new direction, or at the very least attempt to do so.


These traditions are passed on from generation to generation and with worldwide communication at our finger tips the ideas of yesteryear are pushed forward. So what is it with this concept of “New Year’s resolutions”? Most people set up or make decisions to change something about themselves that they have observed; that has not been very successful or that did not contribute to their survival. The hope that the change will occur now that a new calendar has occurred is like putting your future in the hands of a mystical god. Though there are those that use this as a decisive moment in their lives and through sheer will power achieve their change, most do not succeed, why?


Well the decisions that do work are normally things that can be controlled by one’s own abilities without external forces. Whereas those things that one has little or no control over and is ruining the person’s life such as Alcohol abuse, drug abuse and even excessive eating and sex addictions, etc. etc. These subjects require quite a bit more than a simple decision to stop, ask any drug addicted person to “just decide to stop”. The reason is that the person has some compelling impulse to dramatize the same action over and over, beyond their control; they can’t stop unless some external source intervenes and assists. Most addiction is caused by some underlying uncontrolled source from the person’s past. Normally this can be found in the area of upbringing, education or influential associations.


For anyone who wishes to overcome some unwanted trait in their life this New Year’s, here are a few tips to help out: A. Change your routines, actions or normal activities, basically shift things around, take a different road home, shift your life actions around with different actions, B. get rid of all items that remind you of the unwanted habit, if its porn videos get rid of them, if its candy than give it away and replace it with nuts, etc. get all bottles of alcohol out from your area, shooters included, etc. C. assess on yourself what is it that you like about that unwanted habit, just write out a long list of all the reason you continued to do it, then make a list of why you don’t want it, why it bothers you and your life, study these two list carefully; being honest with yourself helps a lot also, D. face the fact that you will need some assistance to really overcome this unwanted condition, call on a professional in the field best adapted to deal with such unwanted conditions.


If you’re trying to quit alcohol or drugs seek a good addiction treatment program that is suited to your needs. If the unwanted condition is about weight than join a program that will assist you with a weight loss program and proper nutritional diet. DO whatever it takes and may the New Year bring you success and a new outlook on the future. The key point is that YOU are the only one that can make the change, it all begins with YOU. Do it and you will enjoy yourself from here on out. HAPPY NEW YEAR !


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