Fentanyl, the New Craze

Just as other Canadian provinces are struggling with their own drug addiction issues, British Columbia is fighting the devastating Fentanyl drug addiction problem. Fentanyl has become a wide spread substitute drug for those seeking some replacement for Oxycodone, Percocet or even Heroin and morphine. In the province of British Columbia alone police have reported over 75 deaths linked to Fentanyl overdose. This drug has no taste and you cannot detect an odor, it is known to be between 50 and 100 times stronger than morphine. The bigger issue is that now other recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine and even heroin are laced with this medicinal drug. This results in very unpredictable consequences; physical and psychological including death.



What is Fentanyl?

The drug is used as a narcotic pain management substance. Mainly prescribed after surgery and other medical conditions. Some people have real physical disabilities and require a controlled pain management while other procedures are investigated. When the drug is used for a recreational high the results are very different. Over time people in BC and across Canada have shifted from drugs such as Marijuana, hashish, cocaine even heroin to more synthetic type substances. In the last 10 to 15 years an increase in pharmaceutical drug use for partying or just to deal with unwanted emotional conditions, has increased to an alarming rate. Every year there is more deaths related to narcotic pain medications than any other mind altering drug.




It is interesting, if one cared to look, that the increase in pain medication like Fentanyl in our society is parallels the failing educational system, health care system and downfall of social morality. Our present society accepts a below standard education and ends up unable to solve simple family problems; cannot deal with work disputes, and lacks the know-how to increase their personal well-being meanwhile the large pharmaceutical corporations by use of advertisement resort to medication for the slightest aches and ailments. The emotional pain of losing a job, the broken vow, betrayed agreements even the pain of losing a loved one leaves people with unwanted emotional conditions. With no immediate solution it’s not long before they discover that prescription medications and illicit drugs or alcohol will numb the condition, at least temporarily.



Fentanyl’s Numbing Effect

Illicit drugs, prescription pain medications like Fentanyl and all mind altering substances have a numbing effect, this is mainly why people abuse them. It causes a break in perception between the mind and one’s actual feeling. Feeling betrayed is a normal emotion, sensing grief when a family member dies is expected, the sense of failure after not closing the “big deal” is simply part of living, what one does with these feelings is what determines their future. Numbing the feeling with Fentanyl or other drugs will only send all your abilities into the shadows of death. But facing these and learning from them and accepting that they exist is a wonderful thing. You are as alive as you can feel.


Don’t bury your feelings of sorrow, fear or grief or regret; you should deal with these, there are tools in society to help overcome any obstacle. Drugs turn people into unthinking, unfeeling hypnotic zombies. Don’t become a statistic, stay clear of Fentanyl, and even if you are prescribed this drug by your family doctor for a specific condition be sure the doctor also sees to that you are helped to stop its use on a proper dosage off. You can have a good productive drug free life without Fentanyl or any other drugs. Call us if you know anyone that may need some assistance in getting their life back on track, it’s what we do as referral counselors.


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