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Back to School; Straight or High

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Summer Break, Straight or High

As school approaches closer and closer, do you know what your son or daughter has been doing during their summer break? Many young adults will get summer jobs when their past school year ends. Apply for college or university, and you, as the parent, are always proud to know your child is seeking higher education. But what was going on during their summertime? Who were they hanging with? Some of these questions can be answered with observation.

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Recognizing Signs

For example, Suppose you have noticed your son or daughter has mood shifts. In that case, one day or two being all nice and chatty, then suddenly they’re withdrawn or snappy, maybe they began to not be as communicative with you, or are showing signs sneaking in and out, secretive about their life, lethargic appearance, etc. These are signs of possible drug use.

Many youths get presented with some party drugs like MDMA, Cocaine, even prescription drugs like Oxys or marijuana laced with Fentanyl. Normally the first-time user will have dramatic effects on the person resulting in feelings of extreme freedom. But the effect wears off soon enough and the down is just a bit too hard to face; this is responded by seeking out more drugs to reach the high.

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Blunted Ambitions

As summer rolls on your child’s drug use might be once or twice a week, or just weekends. But this can rapidly move up into three or four times a week and eventually on a daily basis. What’s worse is these illicit drugs with their mind-altering effects can bring about a loss of interest in going back to school, blunting of goals and ambitions, etc. And if they do make it to sign-up day for school, it’s usually only not to disappoint mom and dad.

However, the result is inefficiency at schoolwork, lack of interest, low grades, and overall disconnection from life in general. This is the road of drug abuse, it is seen across the nation and known by many professionals. Any illicit mind-altering substance will suppress any desire for better life and achievement of goals by the user.

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Be Informed and Observe

You as a parent should be aware of such signs of addiction and be informed sufficiently on various types of drugs being trafficked in your community, knowing the signs of the different illicit drugs. Talk to your kids about the harmful effects of drugs and what can happen, research, get drug prevention kits available online (drugfreeworld.org/download.html) and be interested in your child’s interests and who they hang with.

Drug dealers can be found in practically every community, constantly seeking out new clients to bring under their addictive distribution of harmful drugs of all sorts. If you want your daughter or son to be happy and grow up with goals and achievements, then you have a responsibility to be informed and help your child understand why drugs and alcohol are destructive.

For information on addiction and treatment available, call one of our addiction and consultation counsellors today and talk about your options with them. Dial 888-488-8434 and get your questions answered.

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