How drugs (Illicit or not) affects our mind

There are various types of drugs, some are used to suppress, some to excite others are used to knock a person out of consciousness. All drugs will have some side effects, in the case of local anesthesia a person can expect to feel a bit numb in the area affected and surrounding physical body part.


In the case of illicit drugs such as Cocaine or Crack people have reported side effects such as a feeling of being burnt out, exhaustion, dirty, dry mouth, tense muscles, twitchy nerves and many more. Whereas a person taking Marijuana will normally just be physically exhausted and sleep, dead weight, headaches will often follow high doses of pot.


Then there are all the other drugs on the market today; a pill to wake up, a pill to sleep, a pill to counter another pill, a pill to have intercourse, a pill to pee, and a pill to not pee so much. It is astronomical the number of drugs available in our present society. And if you are still sufficiently awake you may notice something pretty incredible that appears to have gone unnoticed all this time.


Every drug commercial on our TV, phones, computer screen will have a wonderful background appearance of living life, smiling, enjoying the grandkids and the warm embrace of a loved one. ALL while telling you the dozens of side effects of these drugs being promoted. Including thoughts of suicide, serious liver disease, heart trouble, difficulty breathing and even death to name a few.


So how is it we don’t hear these things and how is it that these companies can continue to promote drugs for every possible ailment that men and women originate. It’s actually quite simple.


Drugs of all types have not only physical side effects but psychological ones as well. All humans have a mind, this is somewhat different from the brain, and it stores all memory through perception channels. These perception channels such as the more obvious ones, sight, sound, touch, smell and a whole lot more are channels to record what we receive from our environments.


So what occurs when a person is under the influence of some narcotic? He or she is just a bit less aware. Drugs don’t simply affect the person’s perception channels in the present; they actually bring back past memory recordings and throw them into the mixture of the present. There is no rationale here, it’s purely stimulus-response. Alcohol is notorious for doing this, ever listen to a drunk? What are they talking about, the job they should have taken as a kid, the divorce of ten years ago, and usually mixed in with nonsense that is not even related to their story? All drugs do this to some degree or other. Drugs and Alcohol are a form of hypnotic.


With enough people in society today doing some form of drug, prescribed or not, there’s your formula to a sedated society just enough to make them receptive to all forms of suggestible comments without the slightest regard for the side effects. An important note to all the above; the mind keeps the body safe not the other way round.




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